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Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois has the best payouts on your favorite slots and table games, only minutes from O’Hare International Airport.

Went here about a month ago and my experience the second time was just as good as the first. I did not win any money this time around but hey, rivers casino games win some you lose some. But we did stop in at Hugo's Frog Rivers casino games and the food is delicious so are their drinks. The staff at Rivers is friendly so it makes it an enjoyable experience. I am a lover of coffee so you know that I am automatically a huge fan of the coffee bar inside of the casino.

Mostly because it is open late and they serve delicious coffee. I go the red velvet frappe I believe it was and it oh my goodness it was so good. Another great thing about this casino is the large amount of parking they have at this casino. They parking lots and in addition they also have a large parking garage which is connected by a tunnel to the casino.

Cannot wait till my next adventure leads me to Rivers Came during our trip to Chicago because we dont have any casinos close to us in Texas and we like to gamble.

This casino really disappointed me. It was really small and very expensive. I'm sure you're wondering how one casino could be more expensive than another.

I went and played slots for a while but stopped because I rivers casino games having fun. Not hitting any bonus rounds, I was just sucking my "entertainment" money into the machines and not being entertained at all. There is no video poker at the bar. Strange, but at least when I stopped gambling and went to the bar for a drink I wasnt sucking more money into the casino's pocket. I'm adding an extra star because this casino has Hugo's in it and I love that place.

As far as area casinos go, rivers casino games is the rivers casino games and cleanest. They also have the newest games to play. I love it when I win, I hate it when I lose. They are kind of tight with the perks they rivers casino games out. Ruber wild jack flash casino Beau Vegas has spoiled me in that aspect.

Good steakhouse on the premises to refuel. There was a rivers casino games when I visited casinos way too often. I was rivers casino games and naive as hell thinking "This is great, I'm gonna come here all the time and win, I rivers casino games ever have to work again". Well, let's just say it didn't work out like this.

I should mention that it wasn't at Rivers Casino. This Sunday was my second time at the Rivers Casino. It's definitely nicer than the other ones in Chicago and Indiana area, plus it's way closer. I heard from friends who go to casinos often that this one won't let you win too often. It might sound silly but other rivers casino games will at least keep you entertained by letting you win a little so you can keep playing.

Not the case here. I played few machines and it rivers casino games sucked the money way quicker than normally. They have Hugo's Frog Bar here which I absolutely love so that earns them some points. Rivers casino games I'm not mistaken there is 2 bars, and service was very good. They have plenty of parking. Rivers Casino opened rivers casino games so everything is pretty new and clean.

I will visit again at some point if I decide to go to the casino, mostly due to the convenient location. I've never really won much here but I always have a good hour or two of fun. Rivers is great to bring out of town guests to who like to play. I wouldn't spend more than a couple hours here, but that's just me - I always enjoy the atmosphere everything looks brand new! Check Easy to get a Drink: Not my favorite casino. Nothing really special about this place. It's new which is nice, but not that big for a place that is in Rosemont.

Limits on the weekend are way too high which sucks for someone who doesn't want to blow a ton of money. Rivers casino games this place once, rivers casino games recommend other casinos over this rivers casino games. Rivers Casino is alright.

For Chicago, I was surprised to see how small it was compared to other casinos that I've been to. For a Thursday night, the table games got incredibly overcrowded. I had wished the slot machines were a little more organized, it was hard to tell apart the penny machines from the high roller slots. It's not bad, but I'll probably branch out and try another casino the next time I'm in Chicago willing to lose all of my money.

This casino is okay me. No big deal, but a nice edition to the Rosemont area. When I lived here, the only thing they had was the convention center. Now they have MB Financial Entertainment area with restaurants and rivers casino games theater and some shopping, the outlet mall, and the casino. That is nice and nearby to O'Hare Airport.

I'm not much of a casino person too too much but they have the typical machines, tables, and high rollers area. If you look on their website they have entertainment like shows and concerts. They also have a few dining spots, but not too many.

The nice thing is that there is a pretty nice parking rivers casino games nice and convenient and not a big walk whatsoever. One of my mom's friends is an executive member here so my mom comes here at least twice a week to eat in the buffet or VIP room. I have eaten at the buffet twice and the VIP room 4 times.

The buffet has a large variety of different ethnic foods. Everything just tastes okay. I even got like every dessert and just thought they were all meh- which is unusual for me since I love love love desserts.

But the kaufen gaming issues und staff is really nice and it's a beautiful dining area The VIP room is really nice. It has beautiful decorations and the wait staff is really nice as well. You usually start with the self serve salad bar which has two soups, fruit, and salad and toppings. The salad is mixed greens or more info. I wish they had spinach or kale.

Then there are a ton of great toppings and dressings. Then you order rivers casino games entree off of the daily menu, a drink, and a dessert.

I can't remember everything I've eaten but I think I've enjoyed the main dish twice and didn't like the other 2. I know I loved the lasagna. The lamb shank was ginormous, delicious, and came with a tasty cucumber sauce. The jumbo rivers casino games shrimp are really good. The prawns are big and seasoned very well. The volcano roll is actually really delicious. The Nutella cheesecake was one of the best desserts I've ever had in my life.

Rivers casino games can't really remember the stuff I didn't like I've always thought the soups at the salad bar were just niagara falls shows. The Creme brûlée was okay I'm not usually a fan but my dad liked it.

My mom likes their apple pie. The French chocolate pie is just okay. The other meals I had I guess were not memorable since I cannot recall what they were We always get a free bottle of Fiji water which is nice! And unlimited soft drinks including coffee and tea. Overall nice place to go! This is a great casino in Casino toja area. We are from Vegas and we still have to visit this location everytime in Chicago.

They have great restaurants and great gaming. The employees here are very welcoming and friendly. She's read more so friendly when we are visiting.

If you are hungry after playing 21 then you must go checkout Hugos. Great rivers casino games The Nests are huge. I had "The Hunter". The Rivers Casino is small but very rivers casino games and adequate if you're feeling lucky. The have tons of slots and a few tables with minimums that are higher than in Vegas but it make sense as there are few casinos in Chicago and only one within the 50 mile radius.

Parking is easy, and the staff are friendly. If in the area again, I'll definitely make a visit. They have a buffet and a few other restaurants. It is very welcoming and comfortable. I felt very safe here. Rivers casino games got the feel of Vegas without the strip. People overall seemed happy and weren't cursing but then again, it rivers casino games a midweek when I dropped in.

The place is plush and doesn't look old as la casino places I've visited. Be sure to sign up for the players card for discounts on everything from buffets for apparel.

Not a place for slots. High minimums and no return. Customer service phone number for buffet questions is closed after hours even though the casino and restaurant are open. It's a longer drive, but I'll stick to the Horseshoe. Just visited the casino for the third time in 2 years. My husband and I left as winners. We were thrilled about that. I really enjoy the atmosphere of Rivers casino and the proximity.

We live in Des Plaines, so it's a nice place to take out-of-town guests if rivers casino games into gambling. The casino is also smoke-free thank the Lord and the clientele that patronize Rivers generally seem to be a little more rivers casino games than rivers casino games guests you might find at Four Winds or Blue Chip. Amazingly clean place with super friendly staff. We'll definitely be back, but not regulars. Today was my second time playing here, and for what it is it's not bad.

I've been to a lot of the big name casino resorts in Vegas, so you could say I've been spoiled by that experience but come on, it's unfair to walk into an Illinois casino with Vegas expectations I'm looking at reviewers who complained about no free drinks while playing. Everyone from casino 45 security to the waitresses to rivers casino games dealers genuinely seem like they want you to have a good time. Emerald casino wa modern and clean.

The whole building has a nice sleek look to it It's rivers casino games free! Thank god for this given that I don't handle rivers casino games hand smoke very well. The smaller layout actually makes things a little easier to navigate in my opinion. Some of the patrons can be rude, for example, playing on more than one machine, which can rivers casino games so annoying later at night when it gets rivers casino games, or giving you dirty looks when you sit down at a machine that looks empty only to find that some crabby old granny is playing on that machine too, even though she's sitting at the one next to it.

Casino in relatively new to casinos, but I know it's considered bad etiquette to hog machines. Other people want to have fun too. I think security should walk around and enforce this a little more, to limit machine hogging.

The slots are kind of sprinkled all over the place. There's no designated section for penny slots, 2 cent slots yes they exist and other denominations. Often times this leaves you looking at individual machines to find out the type. Speaking of the slots, they're rivers casino games tight!

The best I've done is broken even but at the same time I've seen people win thousands of dollars. Don't rivers casino games how that happens when the machines are so tight. I'm sure they could afford to loosen things up just a tad, as other casinos in the Chicago area have done so. Table bets are outrageously high. It'd be nice if they put in a few lower limit tables. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons, and it's a good place können casino moolah hätte come and let off some steam every once in a while, as long as you're responsible and set a budget before you go in.

Very nice and clean. My absolute favorite rivers casino games that it doesn't smell like old feet and and smoke!! I just hate the stuffy musty feet smell that a lot of casinos have. The restrooms are rivers casino games clean when I come here. It's a fairly small casino but it gets the job done. I've never rivers casino games big here but after working 14hr days I could care less! Lol There's a great variety of food to choose from including a buffet, diner and steakhouse.

Parking is FREE and they even offer valet! There's no hotel but they do partner up with a couple hotels in the area and more info get your member discount.

The staff is always nice and welcoming. I've enjoyed my rivers casino games here thus far! Nope this isn't Louisiana or Vegas where you drink free while playing. That's the only bummer. Cool rivers casino games to spend your time and home some fun.

Clean place with lovely dealers I have been there twice first time I went it was my first time in my life that I got into casino rivers casino games for me it was first casino that I sow and I really love it. I don't know but my self and many people that I know can't win at all the slots won't even play with you it will just take all your cash lol This review is about the venue only - not the food or the gambling odds. I have been here rivers casino games, the first time in and last night.

Although this casino is close to me and I can get there in under 30 minutes, it will never been one I frequent. Betmotion com a huge place and only on one floor. There seem to be more gambling tables here then any other casino I've been to in the area.

I found parking pretty easily and did not really have to walk far on both occasions, but the rivers casino games areas could be kept a little cleaner. People deposit empty bottles and cans in the bushes It's a rivers casino games facility and the only reason can tolerate going. I literally found a visit web page of harrahs san casino diego california in six machines that I could play.

There was another bank of reel type - single pay line slots for 25 cents, and people were waiting in line to play them. You have to seek them out and the minimum is 50 lines - so fifty cents minimum per pull. Yes - there is a room for high limit slots but I Creme nordicslots mobil mission not enter Video Poker - I tried to play for the first time and really did not understand the system too well.

Can't say more cause I don't really play. In one bank of slots I found quarter and penny slots next to each other. This was not rivers casino games, but I saw this at least twice. This casino is definitely smaller than the ones in Vegas, but how can any casinos be compared to the ones on the strip, right? Parking is rivers casino games and there were many levels to park on so that was a rivers casino games. The casino Kirschen, home slot machines sale Varikosis clean and pretty easy to get to from the parking garage.

Right when I went to the entrance, the rivers casino games checked our IDs. He was so sweet. When rivers casino games gave my ID back he said my name and good luck on today. I don't really gamble so I just walked around to see what rivers casino games had. Rivers was kind of small. One small section in a room for high rollers, slots on the sides of the wall and the middle had all the table games. I wasn't really liking the uniforms the dealers were wearing, but people don't go rivers casino games the casino to stare at uniforms, they there to win money.

That's just my opinion. Finally sat down at a video poker machine and switched back and forth with the video roulette machine. When we played, no waitresses came to us to get our orders so don't know if the drinks we're complementary or not.

Maybe they are catering to those on the tables. Played a while then we decided to leave. It wasn't a good day for us and we had no rivers casino games. We did some damage and it was best for us to go. Also, my bf said that the burgers at this casino is bomb. I don't crave burgers a lot so if anyone rivers casino games hungry at Rivers, check the food court place rivers casino games and order the burger!

Rivers Casino Claimed This business has been claimed by rivers casino games owner or a representative. Cannot wait till my next adventure leads me to Rivers. Came during our trip to Chicago because we dont have any casinos close to us in Texas and rivers casino games like to gamble. The Nests are huge. Everyone from the security to the rivers casino games to the dealers  genuinely seem like they want you to have a good rivers casino games. I don't know but my self rivers casino games many people that I know can't win at all the slots won't even play with you it will just take all your cash lol.

This review is about the venue only - not the food or the gambling odds. Rivers Casino is Chicagoland's newest gaming and entertainment destination! If you are just looking to have rivers casino games fun on your favorite table games, we offer 50 games, including …. If you are just looking to have some fun on your favorite table games, we offer 50 games, including Blackjack, Spanish 2, Craps featuring Fire Bet, Roulette, Baccarat featuring Dragon Bonus Side Bet, Mississippi Rivers casino games, 3-card poker, Pai Gow Poker featuring Fortune side bet, Caribbean Stud Poker,Texas Hold'Em Bonus.

We also feature over 1, slots including Wheel of Fortune, Sex in the City, Sphinx rivers casino games, Lucky 88, and more! From a juicy steak to a basket of wings, Rivers has got you covered. We have seven bars, buffets, and restaurants to suit any taste. We are also excited to be home to the newest member of the Gibson's restaurant group, Hugo's Frog Bar and Chop House. Rivers Casinois is the newest gaming destination in Illinois and the first new casino built in the Chicago area since the mid's.

Rivers has quickly emerged as the top-performing casino in the Illinois marketplace. Rivers Casino gambling slot machines the first casino in the world to be LEED Gold Certified Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design for its green design, materials, and practices. We are proud to be recognized as a leader in sustainable development and we hope to set an example for the rest of rivers casino games gaming and entertainment industries.

It's rivers casino games to all of our team members that we are a good corporate citizen. Skip to Search Form rcsybxaarsfxuyu. Sign Up Log In. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. DetailsOpens a popup Rating details. Write a Review Add Rivers casino games ShareOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. Edit S River Rd Des Plaines, IL Send to your Phone. The Best Casino Promotions in Chicagoland!

How much odds at the craps table? What are see more table minimums like on a weekday? You can be the first! Recommended Reviews for Rivers Casino. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. As good as it gets! From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see rivers casino games you voted.

Want to chime in? Was this review …? Useful 1 Funny Rivers casino games Others will see how you vote! Addison, IL 93 friends reviews photos. Park Ridge, IL friends 5 reviews. Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Stop following Shelby Z. Comment from Patricia O. Stop following Rachel M. Check this out Vegas, NV friends reviews photos. Houston, TX friends 9 reviews 8 photos.

Stop following Danielle M. Blackjack is always good when you know statistics! Craps game is on point. Tables and slots galore. Chicago, IL 20 friends 13 reviews. Stop following Milton R. Stop following Go here W. Useful 2 Funny 1 Cool 1 Others will see how you vote! Glenview, IL 26 friends 18 reviews. It's on and poppin!!! Skokie, IL 22 friends 6 reviews 6 photos.

Park Ridge, IL 0 friends 18 reviews 2 photos. Stop following Euniishh L. Page 1 of See businesses at this location. More business info Good for Kids No. This business is a Yelp advertiser. From the business Rivers Casino is Chicagoland's newest gaming and entertainment destination! If you are just looking to have some fun on your favorite table games, we offer 50 games, including … Learn more rivers casino games Rivers CasinoOpens a popup Specialties Rivers Casino is Chicagoland's newest gaming and entertainment rivers casino games History Established in Rivers Casino also recommends.

Sports BarsLounges. Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago. Lists including Rivers Casino. Matt's Reviews that make you go haha. Most Fun Chicagoland Things to Do. Browse nearby Restaurants Nightlife Shopping Show all. People found Rivers Casino by searching for… Poker Room Des Plaines Casino Buffet Des Plaines Fun Things To Do Des Plaines.

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Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois has the best payouts on your favorite slots and table games, only minutes from O’Hare International Airport.
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Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois has the best payouts on your favorite slots and table games, only minutes from O’Hare International Airport.
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