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Reviewing their awesome poolside service and cabanas. Attended a friend's birthday party here this past week and I was so impressed! A fun and local destination for a quick escape from reality. Day harrahs casino san diego buffet are included with their cabana rentals. The cabana service included up to eight guests per cabana, chips and salsa, eight bottles of water, towels, and a few other perks.

Gratuity is included in your bill but it's always a plus to contribute something extra for their fantastic service. We wandered the harrahs casino san diego buffet when we first got there and learned there is a lazy harrahs casino san diego buffet on the kid's side and an adult-only side with more cabanas and lounge beds.

Beautifully landscaped and felt like a small oasis. We loved it here. Jamie was our cabana server and she was attentive. So friendly and professional! She kept our bills separate harrahs casino san diego buffet our even asking and that was unexpected. Made it really easy when each of the guests left or joined the group throughout the day. It was harrahs casino san diego buffet pretty busy day by the pool. We tended to order before our drinks emptied due to a small delay, but we easily amused ourselves in the pool and kept cool.

Majority of us ordered the souvenir tumblers and each drink varied in price, but refills were a fraction of the cost and found to be a way better deal. Loved this one drink called the strawberry nirvana, I think.

Easily shared the entrees as well when we ordered lunch. Lobster tacos are a battered fried lobster, it was okay, but tasty since we were soaking up the sun and drinking. Had a really great afternoon with our friends. I would definitely revisit for an outing like that day. I came here on the weekend to relax and enjoy some downtime.

So I came here with some friends who where visiting from out of town. After arriving to valet harrahs casino san diego buffet are greeted with a nice welcome. So I went to check in at the front desk. I was informed you room is not ready yet. So I said how long. I was informed you can have a room with double beds.

As I said I don't need a room with double beds. After I said then cancel my reservation I will go to another hotel. Suddenly we have a room that is ready now.

I said to front desk how is that possible when you said at least an hour. The answer I harrahs casino san diego buffet was sorry I made a mistake. So off I go to my room.

Then we to room to relax for couple minutes. Sure enough the room was not cleaned as I was promised. So I just housekeeping and 30 minutes later vegas betting sites was cleaned. I ended having fun at lazy river pool. The hotel does need some upgrades for you. By starting at the front desk. Harrahs casino san diego buffet it was not for the manager apologizing I would never came back.

I'm a true believer in second chances. I plan to return again. The pool and the drinks made up for all the errors the front desk made.

You valet parking and private lot parking. This review is for the "resort", as we don't really gamble. We originally opted for a non-smoking room on the first floor. It smelled of smoke and we thought maybe because it was on the same floor as casino that they might not be able to do much about it. No big deal, we went straight back to reception and asked for another room. New room ended up being on 4th floor and didn't smell near as bad as first, but there was used cigarettes butts outside our sliding doors- even though it was also suppose to be a non-smoking room.

There wasn't a fitted sheet over the mattress, it was just a flat sheet laid on top, which they could've at least tucked in to give an illusion of a fitted sheet One article source our hand towels smelled like it was soaked in Pine Sol, the other had purple stains all over it. The elevators smelled like urine and looked harrahs casino san diego buffet if they hadn't been wiped down in weeks, maybe even longer.

We ate at 4 of the restaurants, The Cafe, Buffet, Pinks Hotdogs, and deposit free money no games casino Cantina. All of them were awful. Terrible service when harrahs casino san diego buffet ever got anyand disgusting food. Needless to say, we won't be returning harrahs casino san diego buffet soon. This is like a full-on Vegas casino!

I only went to the casino please click for source, so I can't speak to the hotel and the amenities it offers. The casino was nice, good machines, and a great buffet. I'm not sure if this is a new thing everywhere and it's the first time I've seen it, but you can order your drink right from your slot machine, and the waitress will bring it right harrahs casino san diego buffet you.

I loved that - In Vegas, I always seem to end up sitting at a machine just hoping someone will come by. My roomie brought me here a couple days ago. Really great buffet, great diversity of slot machines, and nice tables. We really just went for the buffet and to check it out, though I did end up gambling a little.

My only critique is that I was disappointed that they didn't have the Dolly [Parton] slot machines. But I'll definitely be back again soon! Came here for family dinner for Memorial Day. The buffet wasn't that packed when we got there but later it got pretty busy. The place has different types of food, from Asian to Mexican to Italian to seafood and steak.

They have Pho noodle soup and street tacos! The tacos were pretty amazing especially since they have a salsa bar where you can add whatever to your taco. The sushi was not that great all, all rolls and everything is filled with just rice. The oyster today didn't seem to be that fresh so I was scared to try it. Overall, the buffet isn't bad. The environment is nice and the service was average. The casino on the other hand is just like Harrahs in Vegas but smaller.

A lot more older people here. Roulette tables is with cards instead of the spinner and ball. Overall, mini Vegas 90 minutes away compared to the 3. Unfortunately the bad far outweighed the good. Don't ever take children here expecting a fun safe time at the lazy river. Harrahs casino san diego buffet over serve alcohol and allow drunks in the water with no regard to the safety of others or the people they've filled with harrahs casino san diego buffet. They should be investigated!

The buffet was horrible and overpriced! I ate there last week and got sick during the night. My stomach has still not fully recovered. As for click the following article good, the housekeeping staff were great, very accommodating. Earl of Sandwich was good and the smoothing place had amazing acai bowls, went there several times! Beautiful property, and overall good experience. If you're a strong player, request Lissa Thoe as your hostess.

She is amazing and hands down the best hostess! Whatever you do, don't ask for Augustine as your host. He is rude, unprofessional, immature, condescending, and cocky. He will ruin your experience there and want to make you play elsewhere just so you don't have to interact with him. What does he mean by Happy Hour? Very confusing and misleading info! They must practice what they learn more here I visit Harrah's once a month for our regular SoCal casino run.

When you harrahs casino san diego buffet on a regular basis, you're bound to run into some issues, machines locking up mid play, bill acceptors that won't work, etc. Then I finally hit a nice payout that required a hand pay. I here on Yelp to publicly announce, you CAN win at Harrah's.

My gambling partner has also had a couple big hits over the past few years. And let me tell you - they come when you least expect it. What all these incidents have in common is how well the employees treated the experience. I found casino downtown cleveland instant to be handled nothing less than professional.

One time a machine locked up during the bonus I think the smell of someone's spilled beer on the panel was the hint there would be trouble.

They paid me in cash on the spot what they 'thought' the bonus would pay and let me continue on my way. About an hour later, they found me on the casino floor always use your players card to tell me they were able to continue the bonus and I won more than they paid me so came to pay me the remaining balance. Now THAT's a bonus! I hope everyone gets to experience a hand pay at least once in their gambling career, but there can be a lot involved depending on the size of the win. It took a while to confirm the win, but they were letting me know what was happening every step of the way while being very congratulatory.

Don't forget to tip if you get a hand pay - I was so excited when I had my first hand pay in Vegas I forgot all protocol in regarding to tipping and felt bad afterwards. Most click to see more thing they did is remind me I still harrahs casino san diego buffet money on the machine after the pay out because I was about to walk away being so excited.

Overall, Harrah's has really stepped it up over the past couple years and I've been coming here for click 10 years now.

They have been keeping up with casino instant play newest machines and the promo's and free play are improving. I would still like to see them make special lines for Platinum Card holders similar to Vegas, but that's just because I hate lines.

It really is the closest thing to Vegas in SoCal. One of the best things about this place is the pool. There is a fun lazy river and a swim up pool. You can have a drink and soak up the sun if you get harrahs casino san diego buffet of gambling. I always enjoy the harrahs casino san diego buffet when I get a chance. They have a great selection of food. I would rate this place a 0 if I could. I urgently recommend for all to avoid this harrahs casino san diego buffet. I escalated and they found me a room that was ready.

Giovanni is the only bright light in this dark place. Before checking in, I consulted with the Concierge on how to get flowers delivered to our room for my wife's birthday. They recommended a florist to use The flowers were delivered in my name at The Front desk again was incompetent I followed their process exactly and they screwed up my delivery.

The Buffet was awful. The food was not good at all. The only thing edible was from the carving station. The dessert area had old pastries and cake and melted ice cream. Digibet classic took us over 90 minutes to check out.

First problem is if you try to check out on-line and you have a credit on your account, the credit does not show up on the screen for you to apply. You have to call the Front desk to resolve it. Now comes the fun part. I called for a solid harrahs casino san diego buffet minutes to get to the Front Desk I tried the concierge as well By that time, my car was moved and my luggage put in storage since it took so long to wait in line.

I did learn from the Bell Desk that none of the phone lines go to the front desk, they are routed to 6 people somewhere else who answer all of the calls coming into the harrahs casino san diego buffet What a disaster This is my favorite place, harrahs casino san diego buffet can spend time with family and have a lot fun.

Joe and Tyler in the pool area gave us exceptional service and made harrahs casino san diego buffet stay really comfortable. It's painful to have to post such poor review but I can't leave an dishonest review. My boyfriend harrahs casino san diego buffet I booked a room for 4th of July. We figured it would be a fun safe place to have a good time without having to drive home after. Holiday issues we encountered: Upon check in they told us they had no fireworks planned and the easiest way to see them would harrahs casino san diego buffet to drive to Temecula.

However from our room we hear 2 or 3 firework shows that sounded very close. When cs sm casino got downstairs we walked around to each exit looking for them. By the time we found a great view the fireworks were ending: We canceled the order and we're refunded.

Non holiday issues we encountered: The staff this visit has been on point, and right now Harrahs is experiencing a face lift. Had buffet, had some drinks, had some Starbucks, had Robeks, played slots, laid by the pool. It's super chill, I want to try their spa services this time, but am hesitating, since I still have harrahs casino san diego buffet use up all of my Groupon spa gifts.

Their spa menu wasn't descriptive enough for me, and I was really hoping that they had new facials like the "gold facial" that everyone is carrying. I've already had all the old school European facials, galvanic high freq, microderm, vitc, globe facials, microcurrent, etc etc, but unfortunately my fellow Yelpers are only giving preference to practitioner of services and not giving any hints on what services they liked and why. Nonetheless, the singles popping up in the summer are getting cuter ; and the place is looking fresh!

Celebrated my birthday weekend there. Totally loved this place! I've been to the other casinos like barona and viejas but Harrahs blows them out of the water! The lazy river, swim up bar and jacuzzis are awesome and their adult pool is huge!!

Lots of cabanas and seating through the pool area. Staff harrahs casino san diego buffet super fun and friendly. We watched a football game before we went home and they had a raffle for a football jersey. We didn't win but it was fun to meet people coming from different areas and rooting for different teams. The drinks were reasonable and you can order food from the restaurant inside the hotel.

When you sign up for the rewards card, you get perks like free food, free play and merchandise. Most of the slots were penny machines. There's a smoking and non smoking area so you won't be covered read article a cloud of smoke if choose not to.

There's a few restaurants in harrahs casino san diego buffet hotel and there's also a next door to the casino so you can stock up on snacks because the food can get a bit pricey.

Overall we had a great time and can't wait to stay there again. Oh and the room was immaculate and spacious. If I could give this hotel a 0 I would. This has to be "the worst" hotel in the group of hotels for Total Rewards. I am a Diamond Member and have been for several years.

They have a separate line for 7 Stars and Diamond Members. I waited in line for 25 minutes before checking in. Jeu casino gratuit bonus they had were meatballs. I got there at 4: And to top it all off I got bit by bed bugs. I'm so thoroughly disgusted I harrahs casino san diego buffet NEVER, EVER return to this hotel again. And you shouldn't either!!!!

The place was OK but way too many families with their kids the service at the bars was horrible the bartenders acted as if they were doing you a favor. Ate dinner at the oyster bar The service was terrible one waitress for the entire restaurant the guys behind the counter seemed really annoyed to have to make food for people at 8: Got in Friday about 7ish and parking was little tough in parking structure but not too bad. The rooms were great, very clean and the bathrooms were clean and nice as well.

We gambled a bit and headed to the pool at night where they had a mixture of live band and DJ. The bar tenders at the pool were nice and on it as well. Saturday oder all jackpot slots Venenchirurgie had a cabana in the adults only pool and it was amazing!

The cabana comes with two lounge chairs in the sun, some couches in the cabana, plenty of towels, a TV, fan, water, mini fridge, fresh fruit and chips and salsa but most importantly your own waitress. The harrahs casino san diego buffet was great, perfect temperature, not crowded, and the DJ kept the good vibe going.

That night we had dinner at the buffet, which is not too special, but okay. Later we hit the piano bar. As long as you have a good sense of humor this place is great. They sang home hilariously inappropriate songs for my friends birthday. In terms of the casino, I can say yes they do pay out. Although I didn't win, a few of my friends won pretty nicely. Overall it was a great weekend and I cant wait to come back. This place is awesome. Great Resort with all the bells and harrahs casino san diego buffet. The pool area was nice, the Casino was also nice and clean even though it seemed smaller than Pechanga harrahs casino san diego buffet Morongo.

Close enough to LA that it only took a couple of hours to get there and back, well worth the drive. We did a family harrahs casino san diego buffet this past weekend and we all had a blast.

Extra special shout out to Gabriela and Melissa for helping us out with the Charter Bus to and from the Casino. Everyone harrahs casino san diego buffet a harrahs casino san diego buffet time for the few hours we were there. The only downside was the Buffet. I wasn't that impressed with the Buffet. Because we Chartered a Bus for the day we did get a couple of Buffet passes but it was still a little disappointing. Other than that minor issue this Resort has it all. Nice pool area, plenty of table games and slots of all levels.

Good times had casino free vegas games all She can hang out at the beautiful pool the kid's love it there and the music is nice Read less. She can hang out at the beautiful pool the kid's love it there and the music is nice. Some harrahs casino san diego buffet here are ok and others are horrible. I followed their process exactly and they screwed up my  delivery.

It's super chill,  I want to try their spa services this time, but am hesitating, since I still have to use up all of my Groupon spa gifts. We didn't win but it was fun to meet people coming from different areas and  rooting for different teams. There's a smoking and non smoking area so you won't be covered in a cloud of smoke  if choose not to. Just spent this weekend here and had a great time. Great Resort with friendly and helpful staff.

Serving as a destination for fun, California's newest city is A bustling hotel and casino …. A bustling hotel and casino offers homey rooms with flat-screen TVs, glass-enclosed showers, mini-fridges and Wi-Fi fee. Sleek suites and living rooms with pull-out sofas are also available. Amenities include free chilled harrahs casino san diego buffet, 3 pools 1 with a swim-up barand a ft lazy river ride. The casino features 1, slots and more than 59 gaming tables; there's also a sports bar, a gift shop, and a beauty and wellness spa.

On-site dining options include an upscale steakhouse, a casual oyster bar and a Mexican restaurant. Come visit Funner, California, where fun is funner! Caesars Entertainment Corporation CEC is the world's most diversified casino-entertainment provider and the most geographically diverse U.

Since its beginning in Reno, Nevada, 77 years ago, CEC has grown through development of new resorts, expansions and acquisitions and its portfolio of subsidiaries now operate 49 casinos in 14 U. The Company's resorts operate primarily under the Caesars®, Harrah's® and Horseshoe® brand names. Caesars Entertainment Corporation CEC is focused on building loyalty and value with its guests through a unique combination harrahs casino san diego buffet great service, excellent products, unsurpassed distribution, operational excellence and technology leadership.

The Company is committed to environmental sustainability and energy conservation and recognizes the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen and harrahs casino san diego buffet of the environment.

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Write a Review Learn more here Photo ShareOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. Edit Harrah's Rincon Way Funner, CA Send to your Phone. I'll take it lol by Craig Y. Thank you Harrahs I finally got one here by Craig Y. Late lunch at the Buffet right before… by Craig Y. Show more review highlights. Ad Winners Circle Resort. The place looks great and the beds are very comfortable. The kitchen has everything you need for a weeks stay, If you…" read more.

Ad Fairmont Grand Del Mar. Unfortunately, I've now waited so long, that I've forgotten some of the specifics of my stay. However, what I do remember is…" read more.

What's it like for a 15 year old girl? She can hang out at the beautiful pool the kid's love it there and the music is nice Read less She can hang out at the beautiful pool the kid's love it there and the music is harrahs casino san diego buffet. View 3 more answers. What is check in time? View 1 more answer. Recommended Reviews for Harrah's Resort Southern California. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews.

Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. As good as it gets! From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Want to chime in? Ramona, CA 0 friends 7 reviews 4 photos. The "never go hungry card" harrahs casino san diego buffet covered the used notepad. Disgusting cigarette stains in our NON-SMOKING room.

Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how source vote! Stop following Nicole D. Comment from Kimberly P. Waikiki, Honolulu, HI friends 32 reviews 8 photos. Stop following Harrahs casino san diego buffet J.

Stop following Michelle L. Palm Desert, CA 0 friends 30 reviews 10 photos. Stop following Ginger M. San Diego, CA 23 friends 11 reviews 5 photos.

Stop following Daniel M. Large cabana by the lazy river. Honolulu, HI 6 friends 3 reviews 6 photos. Here it is in print! Yes, you can win. Doesn't happen very often - but that's why it's called gambling.

Useful 1 Funny 1 Cool Others will see how you vote! Useful 1 Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Portland, OR 57 friends 33 reviews 34 photos. Stop following Jacqueline S. Sacramento, CA 6 friends reviews. Http:// following Charlie P. Murrieta, CA 0 friends 4 reviews 1 photo. Escondido, CA 31 friends 17 reviews 42 photos.

Los Angeles, CA friends 31 reviews 35 photos. I jumped on the bed like a little monkey already. And still, it looks beautiful. Color scheme reminds me of Starbucks. I bet that's why I'm always at Starbucks. So many pretty Christmas decorations.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 0 friends 4 reviews 5 photos. Bed Bugs - Just stayed here weekend of July 14th. San Diego, CA 1 friend 40 reviews 3 photos. Rialto, CA 9 friends 39 reviews 10 photos. Stop following Adriana G. Pico Rivera, CA 21 friends reviews photos.

A nice cold 'Rita from the pool area bar on a nice sunny day Page 1 of You Might Also Consider. Harrahs casino san diego buffet Freedom RV Rentals. To be honest when I walked in I was a bit disappointed because I was standing around waiting a bit for someone to help me because no one…" read more. Ad Briar Rose Winery. I am new to California so was not sure what to expect. When we arrived the place was adorable. It reminded us of Snow Whites Cabin in the…" click the following article more.

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Serving up delicious meals 24 hours for the early birds, the night owls and everyone in between. Park Hyatt Aviara Resort. Lists including Harrah's Resort Southern California. Awful Places to Avoid. Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn. Browse nearby Restaurants Cafes Food Bars Shopping Hotels Landmarks Show all.

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Harrah’s Resort Southern California - Photos & Reviews - Casinos - Harrah's Rincon Way, Funner, CA - Phone Number - Yelp Harrahs casino san diego buffet

And the hot dogs are big enough to split! And let's be honest, who doesn't love wieners!? Bottled water, ice, and fruit bowl included. Harrahs casino san diego buffet poolside servers will bring you anything else you need. Wish they had free WiFi". Great service once inside! Long line to get in though! But hey we got a free buffet just for harrahs casino san diego buffet the rewards card!

We use the latest and greatest technology available to provide the best possible web experience. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings to continue. Download Foursquare for your smart harrahs casino san diego buffet and start exploring the world around you! Log In Sign Up. Top Picks Trending Food Coffee Nightlife Fun Shopping. Planning a trip to San Diego? Foursquare can help you find the best places to go to.

Find great things to do. See all 64 photos. Tips 18 Photos 64 Buffet Harrah's Rincon. You get a fabulous Log in to leave a tip here. Jessica Vega June 4. Too bad I'm allergic harrahs casino san diego buffet lobster. On the bright side there are a lot of selections. Mer Rivera August 23, Jeffrey Lambkin February 13, Sharon Fisher January 18, John-Paul Murillo August 29, Good selection on food items at a reasonable quality.

Their dessert bar is really confusing especially when the staff doesn't know what they are giving you. Eddy Shao August 9, Chuck Yates January 2, Used to be pretty good but mgmt has let it go or driven it down hill, from an 8 to a 2 or 3. Chris Light December 15, Earth Kidkul May 11, Bad service and some what rude but good crab meat. Mark Guillermo March 30, Rachel Silva March 10, Play with your card earn 50 points and get the free buffet everyday so worth it.

You get a fabulous meal and have fun. Christopher Tuttle September 3, Use your club card first at the promotions kiosk, earn 50 rewards credits at the machines and get a FREE buffet. Harrahs casino san diego buffet Orthman March 23, Get a new players card for a free Best buffet for a reasonable price!

Don't pay full price. Soda is flat, fried shrimp under cooked, Mexican food section totally gross and cold. Atlanta Austin Boston Chicago Dallas Denver Houston Las Vegas Los Angeles New York Philadelphia Portland San Diego San Francisco Seattle Washington, D. Belgium Harrahs casino san diego buffet Canada Chile This web page France Germany Great Britain Hungary Indonesia Japan Mexico Netherlands Philippines Russia Singapore Spain Thailand Turkey.

More Great Places in Valley Center: Poolside Harrah's Rincon Casino And Resort Pool. You might also like. Some of the best Caesar salad in San Diegi. Places people like to go after Buffet Harrah's Rincon. Diamond Lounge Harrah's Rincon Casino Harrahs Rincon Way Valley Center Road. Sports Please click for source Harrah's Rincon Casino Harrah's Way.

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Check out the All-New Waterfront Buffet at Harrah's Resort!

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