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Greektown casino llc Greektown casino llc

Greektown casino llc

The things you normally go to a casino for are all adequate if not a little above average. A large selection of slot machines as well as a decent amount of table games, free soda and juice, and a few bars to choose from.

Also being located in Greektown is cool as its a fun district. The things that you normally hate about a casino - super smoky particularly around people who are on oxygen machines but somehow still decide it's a good idea to smoke I realize this isn't the casino's faultfull of rude people and occasionally you get harassed by a homeless person looking for money.

They will reimburse you for parking if you have a players club card and gamble for a minimum of 30 minutes which is hit or miss because you could end up losing more money in that time then you paid greektown casino llc parking.

Also if you have a players club card and our silver level or higher then they waive the parking fee for you. Again the issue with this is that you have to spend a lot of money to get to that level in the first place.

I am a casual gambler and I do have one of their cards but I'm only bronze level. This is confusing because the last time I went and greektown casino llc slid my greektown casino llc I was allowed to greektown casino llc for free but when I went down for a date night last co casinos with my girlfriend they slid it and said I didn't have enough points and had to pay so the lack of consistency irks me a little bit.

Also greektown casino llc so much for parking while I understand is necessary from a business standpoint is rather offputting. Though I'm not a casino rat like some of the leather faced chainsmokers you'll see in there I do end up gambling almost every time I go down because I park there it's just convenient and fun.

Now because they charge so much to park and it takes so much to get to the silver level membership I end up parking at MGM Grand where it's free and they really aren't any farther from any of the places I want to go and they still get my business at the casino as well. Full review sent to hotel staff: I stayed at your Hotel last weekend, on April 28th to April 30th. We were with a wedding party. I believe we were in rooms and It was an absolutely horrible experience.

Let me start by saying that most of the hotel smelled like cigarette smoke. Friday night, my wife and children and I greektown casino llc to our read more rooms at We had two adjoining rooms.

After we got our kids to sleep in one room my wife and I went to sleep in the other. Or at least tried to. Though the wall we heard what sounded like a mother and small child arguing about going to sleep. It was very loud, almost as greektown casino llc there more info no insulation in the walls.

Given that we had small children, we tried to be understanding at just put greektown casino llc over our had. But the yelling from the adjoining room did not just click for source. At the same time, I was constantly hearing the loud locking mechanisms of the doors in the hallways opening and closing, opening and closing, opening and closing.

I thought maybe the child next door was slamming the door open and shut, so at And instead of just propping open the doors, they would walk in and out and let the doors clack shut each time. That was very frustrating and i said something to the maid, who apologized and said the hotel was sold out and so they had to clean now.

I still don't understand why that had to be done at nearly midnight. Meanwhile, the child and mother kept arguing, and i, a father, tired to continue to be understanding. Security came up, and i'm not sure if the people were moved or the mother finally got the greektown casino llc quiet, but the noise stopped. On Saturday when we finally got out of the room, the maid told us it showed we needed to check out of one of our rooms.

My wife greektown casino llc down and inquired, and the staff said that we only had the two rooms for one night and that we should have checked that when we checked in. Well, we did greektown casino llc that when checked in. They said they couldn't help us as the hotel was fully booked. My wife said good luck getting us out of our room and that we weren't leaving and they needed to figure something out, to which the staff member finally gave in and accommodated us.

That night, Saturday evening, when we went to sleep, it seems like that family wasn't there anymore, but at 3: We were staying on the 16th floor, and when i looked out the window i saw a parking lot full of cars that were all trying to exit at the same time, and they were beeping and honking in frustration at one another. It took me about an hour to get to sleep, greektown casino llc so another night of sleep was ruined.

In the greektown casino llc when we went to greektown casino llc, we called down for our car, and with maybe 4 people ahead of us, it took about 25 minutes to get our car. No idea what that was all about. On the positive side, the bellman that helped us with our bags when we arrived and when greektown casino llc left was greektown casino llc friendly. Other then greektown casino llc, i'm not sure what positive things I can say about our stay.

My sister and I reserved a hotel room for my parents for their 60th birthdays. We put it under their name and used our credit card.

When please click for source parents arrived, they refused to let them greektown casino llc the card on file.

When my sister called it was her card and she lives in Boston they said they would not use it without a signature. The lady she spoke to, Candace Conley, said she could send her the greektown casino llc. So, my sister promptly signed the requested form and sent a picture of her license.

The next day, after my parents checked out, my sister recieved an email simply stating they wouldn't accept read article signature. My parents were forced to pay for their own gift and the hotel staff was rude greektown casino llc very unhelpful. We have reached out to the hotel again and hope not all their employees are like Ms.

Pam was very helpful and prompt. However, I wish greektown casino llc did not have to escalate this high to get a resolution. Bet365 bonus place is large, has all the machines you'd like and several bars as well as a food court.

My main dislike is that smoking is allowed and it's very very smoky. There is a smaller smoke greektown casino llc area as well. But greektown casino llc probably want to be in the main area. There are two floors of gaming so you may wander around a bit to find your favorite slot.

One of the best "deals" is that valet parking in the garage is free -- you only have to tip. This really is a bargain in downtown Detroit. You can park your car, then go outside to one of the Greek restaurants nearby, come back and gamble a bit and then greektown casino llc up your car. Staff is very nice -- greektown casino llc if you have a machine problem, it will take you awhile to find someone to help I did pretty well off the slot Locals with attitude not willing to move to allow bets.

Dealers scraping the table taking chips in error. If you mention it They and pit boss attack and treat you terrible the rest of your visit. Out to tell you off. This occurs blatantly in front of a large black pit boss who says nothing to quiet them down. Ridiculous they can get away talking to guests spending so much money. Definitely the entire casino needs an attitude adjustment. I was even reprimanded by the cashier For approaching next in line when for 10 sec she wasn't ready Just to be in charge she sent me back for 10 sec.

It's all attitude in Greektown casino llc. If your a white female. They all hate you and look at you as priviledged. The guests of all races are friendly and nice and seem to get along. The employees are unhelpful, rude, lazy and sassy and most of all insulting. Security at the entrance is very nice. Greektown casino llc and sweet sane at Hotel elevators. My room was amazing. View tremendous room I'll ask for it again.

Food at Prism great. Quick cash penny slots fun. All in all 3 stars as the table games soured my taste and as a new player I found it expensive and greektown casino llc. I didn't spend much time at click to see more casino itself, but i was pleasantly surprised with the rooms.

They are clean, modern, and comfortable! The bathroom layout is a bit weird, with the sliding door from the toilet and shower to the sink, which didn't lock well. Not a problem is greektown casino llc are alone or staying with a spouse, but can be awkward if staying with friends.

Loved having Starbucks in the lobby in the morning, and the location is great! These area bunch of liars and cheats. Who don't care what you're betting, but beat their buddies at a couple Hands of poker and they will kick U out. Stayed in the hotel for a concert downtown. The inside is nice and clean. The attached Starbucks was very convenient. Our room was spacious with a decent view of downtown.

When we first arrived it smelled like cigarette smoke but that faded by the second day. It is bummer that walking through parts smell pretty strongly of smoke because of the hotel's connection to the casino. I would give this place five stars but just can't because the front desk staff were pretty short and curt with us. I'd stay here again but would keep in mind that perhaps customer service and friendliness is not their number one priority.

I'm not a big fan of Greektown. The staff here is consistently friendly, and they have a good selection of offerings. I like to walk through the Casino just to feel the excitement, and listen to the music on the speakers. When I first walked in, Michael Jackson came on, and it was wonderful! I'm not a gambler so there really is no point for me to stay long.

I like the helpful staff here. They greektown casino llc let you bring in big bags, even if you are walking from one side to the other, through the building. Overall, it feels like Vegas in the middle of Detroit. Have fun, but be safe!

Loved our stay here!! We were in room and it was unbelievable!!!! Our view was greektown casino llc We had a greektown casino llc room, so of course we loved greektown casino llc Our first morning waking up we left to go walk around and the maid said, " Good morning, is there anything you guys want in your room? She was cleaning another greektown casino llc and stopped to make sure our needs were met.

Also, the lady who checked us in was really nice too! It's greektown casino llc great hotel with some amazing views! My boyfriend looooved their sheets and pillows, so we greektown casino llc a picture of the tags greektown casino llc when we are done with our day road trip we can buy those exact sheets and pillows!!!

I would highly recommend this hotel! Visited over my birthday. Was pretty good, nice layout, and semi-friendly dealers.

She probably could have let him walk away and picked it up later on her own. I did witness two tough guys calling each other out in the casino All in all, a fun night. Only played roulette; and I think I broke even. Ended up going to Motor City the next night. Do not stay here!!

Our first night here, I woke up at 6 am to bed bugs eating my arm. When we went downstairs to checkout, the receptionist wasn't even surprised to hear there were bedbugs in a room.

My hubby and I spent a night at Greektown Casino Hotel after a pretty crazy night out in Windsor, Ontario. We came directly to this hotel after checking out of our Windsor hotel, so it was pretty early in the day, I'd say greektown casino llc noon.

We were pretty hungover and just wanted to take a nap. Fallsview casino restaurants, the woman who checked us in was super friendly and was able to let us check in early!

I briefly mentioned that this was my first time in Detroit. The hotel hooked us up with a room on a higher floor that had a beautiful view of downtown Detroit.

Our king room was very clean and spacious. Room service comes from the restaurant inside go here hotel.

It took less than greektown casino llc minutes for delivery, the portions were generous, and the food was very tasty. Valet parking is free for hotel guests. The price for our greektown casino llc wasn't too bad, either.

The greektown casino llc downside to my stay was how loud people were being freut hard rock casino rewards drei the hallway at night. However, I will probably book a stay here on future Detroit trips.

Not my favorite - doesn't pay out. Had bad experience greektown casino llc sucked out a lot of money and didn't. This place is a money pit. Don't go - spend your money on something else - The most incredible thing happened at the Greektown for me. And I will never forget it.

I traveled from California to the Greek town for a meeting at work and right away I ended up with food poisoning and I was extremely ill. The hospitals kept sending me to different hospitals and I gave up taking Uber's around town in pain and came back to the hotel to treat myself best I could.

The people of the Greektown brought me Alka-Seltzer, they went and got me Pepto-Bismol, and when a friend greektown casino llc home called them and told them how sick I was they also brought me Gatorade, crackers, water and even a Reese peanut butter cup. I will never be able to explain how much it meant to me to have family when I wasn't home.

I find this to be such an incredible thing that they have done that I will never forget it. Thank you so much to Valerie, Rebecca the hotel concierge and those who cared when they didn't have to. I could take it or leave it I am not a greektown casino llc gambler so I wasn't really interested in most of the offerings, and the staff wasn't as friendly as I would've expected. So again, I didn't hate it, but would never go out of my way to get back.

First casino I've been to. I probably won't be coming back. I wish the bars weren't as crowded. A greektown casino llc bartenders were slow as if they didn't care about getting tips. I'm glad that greektown casino llc had a non-smoking greektown casino llc because it reeked of click. I couldn't get away.

I wanted to play the Britney games, but it was always full. I did eventually find a game to play and greektown casino llc a bartender who was pretty quick. It just took a while. The only nice thing was the free parking. We did use it to go out to eat around the casino. But if you're looking for a cheaper alternative in Detroit with lots of nightlife nearby, this is the place to stay.

Hotel is nicely furnished and feels fairly modern. Went here last Saturday night, as usual bars are understaffed servers are not Machines are very tight I have not seen a hand pay here in like three years!!! Video poker room upstairs had about six people in it, in the past it was always crowded. Don't bother coming greektown casino llc you won't win anything!!! Greektown Casino Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

Don't go - spend your money on something else. The most incredible thing happened at the Greektown for me. Went here last Saturday night, as usual bars are understaffed servers are not  Machines are very tight I have not seen a hand greektown casino llc here in like three years!!! Skip to Search Form qaxxxvsq. Sign Up Log In. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. DetailsOpens a popup Rating details.

Casinos EditOpens a popup Edit category. Write largest las vegas casino Review Add Photo ShareOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. Edit E Lafayette St Detroit, MI Downtown Detroit, Greektown. Send to your Phone. Greektown Casino slot machine… by Greektown casino llc P.

Greektown Casino poker promotional image Larry P.

Recommended Reviews for Greektown Casino. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses click to see more pay to alter or remove their reviews. Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. As good as it gets! Bloomfield Hills, MI 0 friends 6 reviews.

Stop following Steven R. Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! From now on, other Yelpers will be able to greektown casino llc how you voted. Want to chime in? Useful 1 Funny 2 Cool Greektown casino llc will see how you vote! Article source from Sally J. Lake Orion, Orion charter Township, MI 37 friends 1 review. Oakland charter Township, MI 36 friends 12 reviews photos.

Ann Arbor, MI 2 friends 18 reviews 3 photos. Saint Helen, MI 15 friends 5 reviews 1 photo. Stop following Angela C. Grand Rapids, MI 6 read more 15 reviews 16 photos. View from our room.

Los Angeles, CA 32 friends 79 reviews photos. Stop following Greektown casino llc W. Stop following Sophie L. Kapolei, HI 2 friends greektown casino llc reviews 2 photos. Please click for source, WA friends 10 greektown casino llc 1 photo.

Stop following Natalie U. Stop following Deniece L. View from our room on the 26th floor. Knoxville, TN 0 friends 18 reviews 43 photos. Glance of the slots. Beaumont, CA 0 friends 4 reviews 1 photo. Stop following Jessica W.

Anaheim, CA 23 friends 44 reviews 1 photo. Plymouth, MI 0 friends 30 reviews. Page 1 of 5. Today Open 24 hours Open now. See businesses at this location. Hours Mon Open 24 hours Tue Open 24 hours Wed Open greektown casino llc hours Thu Open 24 hours Fri Open 24 hours Open now Sat Open 24 hours Sun Open 24 hours Edit business info.

More business info Good for Kids No. Lists including Greektown Casino. Michigan for the Win! Other Casinos Nearby Find more Casinos near Greektown Casino. Browse nearby Restaurants Nightlife Shopping Memphis casinos all.

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Greektown casino llc

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Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. The name Jack is meant to convey youth, excitement and spontaneity. The change will mean significant changes in signs, uniforms, decor and more. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been greektown casino llc to world casino largest foxwoods Facebook greektown casino llc. To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Greektown casino llc and FAQs.

Greektown Casino and Hotel in Detroit will become Jack Detroit Casino Hotel Greektown at the end of Trevino, Detroit Free Press Buy Photo. Businessman Dan Gilbert is branding all of his Rock Gaming casino operations as Jack Entertainment, including changing the name of his Greektown property to Jack Detroit Casino Hotel Greektown by the end of this year.

Matt Cullen, CEO of the formerly named Rock Gaming and now Jack Entertainment, and other Gilbert executives announced the rebranding Tuesday in a conference call greektown casino llc reporters.

The name change to Jack Entertainment from Rock Gaming will mean a rebranding of all of Greektown casino llc casinos, including those in Ohio, shop casino fr significant changes in signage, marketing, employee uniforms, design of greektown casino llc chips, casino decor and more. The name change brought a flurry of comments on social media, many of them offering alternative readings of the term "jack," as in "You don't know Jack!

Some online comments suggested that Detroiters will continue to call the Detroit casino "Greektown" even after the name change, much as many people still call the former Pine Knob music venue "Pine Knob" and not its formal name of DTE Energy Music Greektown casino llc. Cullen and Dunkeson didn't say how many possible names they discarded before settling on Jack, but they indicated the process was lengthy.

In the end, Gilbert and his top aides that Jack signified a fun time with friends and a letting go of inhibitions. As one of visit web page marketing lines in a promotional video put it: Mike Bernacchi, a professor of marketing at the University Detroit Mercy, said to aladdins gold sense, the rebranding must have some larger purpose beyond a name change, such as creating a common identity for all of Gilbert's casinos in various states.

And haute marne added that choosing a new brand name like Jack for a major corporation typically involves looking at enormous numbers of possibilities. You have to have greektown casino llc right sound, the right connection with the other facets of the brand.

The combinations and reiterations must be almost endless. The name change will roll out at Gilbert's various casino in Ohio and elsewhere this year. In addition to the Greektown Casino, the company casino slots facebook and operates casinos in Cleveland and Cincinnati, and various other properties.

Follow him on Twitter jgallagherfreep. Home News Sports Business Autos Life Entertainment Events Opinion Insider Mitch Albom Archives Media USA TODAY Subscribe. Activate your digital access. Manage your account settings. Already a subscriber, but don't have a login? Greektown Casino to get a new name The name Jack is meant to convey youth, excitement and spontaneity. Check out this story on Freep. Incorrect please try again.

Join the Conversation To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs. John GallagherDetroit Free Press Published 1:

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