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Big fish casino slow network

Terez tangle free Popper Casting rod add in a Ranger Casting plug- and it's fun at it's best -- no backlashs, no laying the line on big fish casino slow network and a long -long distance casting with a splashy lure -- great fun! JD's Tackle, So Bay front, Balboa Island, Ca - jdsbiggame aol.

Big fish casino slow network I appreciate your patronage and sup port. Weak to occasional moderate onshore flow will prevail this week, with a coastal eddy at times.

ThuWind 10 kW 10 ktin the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft. Mixed swell W 1 to 2 ftto 3 ft. FriWind than 10 kt. W 10 kt grant best casino slots to play Verpackung to 15 kt afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 ft and Big fish casino slow network 2 ft. Fish Flagsfrom Broadbill Swordfish to Seabass,Tunas and Marlins. Seabirds of the Pacific! E-Mail for Tuesdays Report -. Yesterday Tuesday we headed towards the using information from CG on the Rukus.

We lost a jig fish in the morning just West of the We looked around the and then went South a bit towards SBI and found another stupid one and this time we were able to release our first Marlin for the year. Didn't look as good today although we got two nice Dorado off a paddy up there. The big fish casino slow network are holding tuna but no biters for us. Received this E-Mail this morning in reguards to Kite Flying near San Clemente Island WhatWhat Big fish casino slow network it says is the Navy request big fish casino slow network boaters flying kites to pay close attentions to hazard areas and to diligently avoid interfering with Navy's training and that kite flying big fish casino slow network pose hazards low flying aircraft.

No persons shall fly a kite that causes a hazard, nor higher that ft, at night they need a light and during the day, pennants or streamers not more that 50ft apart starting at 15 ft above the surface and visible for one mile!

Navy is about to shut the whole island down for fishing due to these boats not following the set rules-- - note this is serious, if the Web site says it's restricted- then it's restricted- you can call Kraken ch 16 to see if there has been any changes with the scheduled if not then stay out- - these Navy maneuvers are on the increased lecheries till Aug 31st then they go back to a less restrictive stage Morning clouds went away--leaving a light blue behindsome marine haze to the west-- wind fair from the south kts- seas a light bump, westerly expected this afternoon.

The San Clemente Island Security shows the "Cove" to be active " Hot" for this upcoming weekend for most of the day Friday till 2 am on Sat morning- then open till till 6 pm Sat eveningthen hot again till 2 am on Sunday and open the rest of the day Sunday, Back side Zone E looks to be open all days Anybody doing any good????

Afternoon E- Mail Out Off empire landing blowing 15 kts there funny, channel way calmer.

Found a kelp on way over this am holding lb dodos. Got one on slow troll dines. Gray May-- even foggy and drizzle light rain water temps dropped mid channel to 69 degrees this morning Ruckus had a one for two day big fish casino slow network above the west end of the island -Sunday-- looks good up there. Light overcast - warm south wind at 2- 4 kts-- maybe 5- 6 -- seas calm light mix of swell- cloud cover burning away mid morning- Halibuts biting E Mail- this morning of a weekend trip- Left Friday night at 7 pm from HH then to pick up 2 scoops from Nacho.

Sloppy ride to Pyramid Point in our Big fish casino slow network 38 at 10 knots. We were over the reef at 3: Continued west for 8 miles dropping gram big fish casino slow network flatfalls on all marks for nada.

Turned North and fished the to fathom line with the kite at 10 am. We were out there alone. Bite shut off at 3: Saw a marlin in the flat Sunday water off of the at shows mgm grand casino am but came casino online português author no bait. Tolled past it and it sunk down.

Second pass when it came back up it scooted. I did not bring the rigged ballyhoo you sold me. Remind everyone to always be prepaired. Thank for your support.

Clearing off earlier with a light soft south wind at 2- 3 kts-- calm and beautiful-- the inside waters covered by smaller skiffs- larger yachts as you got further out with the mix of diehards in their smaller skiffs too. Not much heard on the outers waters tuna fishing-- and inner waters quiet so far on the dorado and yellowtail catches around the better further south towards Oceanside.

And a call from Morro Bay -- saying some of the comercial crabbing boats having seen lb Bluefin Tunas leaping clear out of the water Stand by for another run big fish casino slow network Kites and Yummy's for the Central California waters anglers Several more broadbill were seen - the Tuna fishing was a pick at them with the flatfall and jigs or baitKai Kane came in flying a released marlin flag-- congrats Nicer that I thought it'd be-- one boater said-- out searching for kelps-- which were hard to find-- light overcast even drizzle in places- seas smooth but there's still a lump to a cross swell- yesterdays afternoon wind didn't help- Small Craft advisory for the northern outer waters Found a nice pod of dolphinsjust south of the got two nice sized yellowfin on Black and Purple Cedar plug 9: Lots of boats on the water today- sometimes too much confusion over small areas of sealife With a advent of marlins into the mix of fish to fish for- brings up the upcoming tournament season right around the corner-- Stan Miller Yachts presented by Viking and Hatteras with its' Invitationalnow open to all brands of sportfishers.

We're between the and the Slide there's just miles and miles of bait here-- now big fish casino slow network up at the upper edge of the and finally ran out of bait there's a good three miles of bait all along this line here Slack tide today 1: For registration and tournament details please visit: Channel Islands Billfishing's 46th Annual: Sept 9thth, Tournament Kick-off Event: September 8th, 6PM Official Tournament Committee Boats: And the Balboa Angling Club host the Master Angler Billfishing Tournamentwhere sportfishing angling clubs put up teams to fish light tackle for marlin to determine who's the best Angler, Team and Club of these So Calif waters.

A challenge, but these see more captain, crew and anglers pull off some amazing catchers during the two day event- Get your Club involved, call the BAC for details, this year unbelievable awards unparalleled anything ever given out before. Matching Shimano Casting and Trolling Rods and Reels, Aftco products, Costa Sunglasses, shipyard haul outs, and more tackle and goodies.

And it's part of big fish casino slow network Great Marlin Race with it's incredible data received- amazing- check it out big fish casino slow network last years tags from Dana Angling Club The Hooked fish IGFA Great Marlin Race. You are invited to participate in the oldest and most prestigious all-release marlin tournament on the west coast. Kick-off party, angler gifts, a fabulous Awards Banquet with raffle prizes, and much more….

Sunday, September 17, Harborside Pavilion — 5: And the ABC- Avalon's Billfish Challenge Sept 18 and 19th. And a call comes in mid day-- Hey JD we're here off Crystal Cove-- slow trolling mackerals, got 5 yellowtail largerst is around 27lbs!

We got got a open water dorado-- guy right next to us is baithing a fish-- Some sportboats were pushing the limits of the Navy in their Live Firing exercises Not much said on the radio today despite the number of boats out-- the tuna boys working outof Clemente-- were also on the mu m of the fish caught-?

Not much of a water temp image but that break running from the East end towards the 14 looks strong- the bait was there and s Big fish casino slow network bound current is pushing up on the outside of the Catalina escarpment- good upwelling there. Light overcast early on gray sky gray ocean light mixed swell stronger from the westcalm westerly wrinkle as the sun big fish casino slow network away the cloud cover.

Bait balls of anchovies a mile out front of the harbor spreading southwards towards Abe point. White sided Dolphins abound there-- a comment yesterday by one of the whale watchers stuck in my thoughts they've been watching all that bait for a weeks time- his comment was that most of the sealife actions feeding etc happed in the afternoon hours- for whatever reason that was the feeding time.

Newport's bait receiver 3 inch sardines for bait today-- 2 hooks- Krystyn Lambert caught this bluefin tuna in 2 hours 40 min standup. Her dad, Carl caught a lb the next day on 50 Dacron. Perfect rig on the pink Yummy. So Tom P calls in- - julkalender casino want some fresh bluefin? And word comes down the fishy word of a lb Bluefin brought in by a Seiners into San Pedro- that'll be a tought one on 12lb tackle.

JD We got a Shortbill today 5 miles south of the 14 on The Lady 2 Di 4 Dave F. Still a bit overcast mid morning- wind light big fish casino slow network the south 2- 4 kts- seas calm smooth. Hey JD - we found the big bluefin yesterday and they were biting the Yummy well. The majority maria casino logo the fish were in the pound range but we saw fish well over as well as schools of small bluefin from pounds.

The Yummy rigging was great. Decker was out chasing malins I think water turned cooler and offcolor by the island, the 14 was covered up with bait- spent the tide slack therebut no show for him-- waters warm there with life.

ENSO Alert System Status: During July, ENSO-neutral continuedas equatorial sea surface temperatures, upper-ocean heat content,Tropical convection was near average over the eastern half of the Pacific and enhanced over the western PacificThe lower-level trade winds were slightly enhanced near the International Date Line, and upper-level winds were explained bet types average over most of the tropical Pacific.

Overall, the ocean and atmosphere system remains consistent with ENSO-neutral. The majority of models favor ENSO-neutral through the big fish casino slow network oflead forecasters to favor ENSO-neutral through the winter. Also, ENSO-neutral conditions are predicted for the upcoming peak months August-October of the Atlantic hurricane season. In summary, ENSO-neutral is favored. LB Carnage off the East end- has live squid-- outside Avalon 3: The Scouts Old timers would say they - the marlin send out scouts to find where's the concentrations of continue reading for the rest of the migrations to follow -- don't kill the messangers.

Lonn range VHF reception this afternoon we're working out way west were 10 miles from the Tanner bankk-- seeing that small stuff lots of big fish casino slow network 12 stuff - and meetering stuff down below but they're not biting-- 3: Spike Spot- - calls in mid late in the afternoon saying they had just released a marlin on th area 4: Navy kicked out most of the tuna fleet today from the southern zone-- a few bites-- Pescador lost one at the boat- not sure if anyone else boated a big fish today most of the fleet worked to the west end for nada.

So far I think it was a down day on the bigger tuna-- so far- 5: Even calmer morning than yesterday-- seas falattening out- wind big fish casino slow network dead calm sky- overcast warm. We had gotten a late start gonna concentrate on marlin today we did get a 18lb Yellotail on big fish casino slow network marlin lure! Not much of a Satellite water temp images due to cloud clover but it shows that body of warm offcolor water drifted to the south also spreading down to Clemente's Mackerel Bank and Pyramid where it collides against that cooler clean blue water that remains.

And looking at the SCCOSS surface water currents it shows a strong compresion running from about La Jolla soutwards towards the Mexician border and area, big fish casino slow network be an aboundance of kelps big fish casino slow network there How ya doing we were out looking for the spiked ones- get any-- -- naw all we found the rainbow colored ones we're right out front of Avalon-- all the paddies have some do do on them Worked about off the islandwhere there were some fish this past weekend-- we didn't see anything during that slack tide-- didn't metered any bait at all, nothing a desert Overcast morning-- calm seas light mix of ocean- wind kts south.

Live Squid being sold off the east end of Catalina live squid for Sale! Cabo's got trouble, not only gang shooting but some tropical weather developing on the horizon- No orsignificant organization is expected, not sure which one yet!

Bait making here in newport still a challenge for anything small, Thresher Sharks still around. And it went off with one boat calling in after another -- with the Sub Chaser releasing a fish with Doug Williams pulling on the fish-- Jig fish right near that FAD We were returning from Catalina on Surly Mermaid and had no live bait.

Saying the seas were calm and smooth, a little 2 ft ground swell with nothing on it-- overcast sky- wind light and fair from the west kts. Making 2 lb mackeral at the harbors click the following article was easy-- finding the 8- 10 inch stuff was hard to find.

Some great tide swings this week-- -- stand by big fish casino slow network the middle to end of the weekend's noon day catchers. Whale watchers We've been watch a big fish casino slow network sword fish right now incredible-- we could have batted him a hundered times by now I got within feet of those numbers-- two little birds sitting on the water my heart was beating -- just two birds sitting on the water-- Government Will Not List Pacific Bluefin Tuna as an Endangered Species Sportfishing industry disputed claims by environmental groups that sought to shut down U.

NOAA conducted a comprehensive year-long review after a coalition of environmental-based organizations proposed that Big fish casino slow network fishing be banned in U. Gudes continued, "Bluefin Tuna fishing is an important sport fishery in Southern California that has an economic impact in that area.

We made this clear in our comments to the petition. August is the high season for recreational fishing for these pelagic fish. E-Mail this morning- --Hi JD, fun weekend. I actually got to be the Angler and Dave Herrera skippered the boat. I couldn't get much nicer-- soft morning clouds, is casino com legit welcoming with a light mix of swell, Lots of boats out This mornings E Mails- - Hi JD.

Plans to weigh in at the Green Pier today. Avalon I think only 5 heavy tackle Linen tuna caught in our TC waters since Now looks like 6. And more E-mails on the First Marlin of the season by a private sportboatsby now I've heard of maybe 3 or fish or big fish casino slow network hooked caught over the past two or three weeks, most were on in the tuna grounds. Skiffs, commercial sport boats, charter boats etc. E mail- - I baited my marlin at 8: Amazing how turned on these fish get at that turn of the tide from San Diego to the Channel islands and and beyond they all seemed to get active new customer that time of the tide flow?

I fished with friends Tim and Cori husband today on their boat Two Timer and caught a marlin at 8: Actually had two on for a while.

Hooked one on a sardine on 30lb and while fighting it had a tailer go by that we were able to hook on more proper gear. Cori husband was the angler. I tried calling you a couple times before we took off to go around back of SCI.

Good BFT around back in the evening. Great news they back again.!. Now the questions is where did they come from? Thanks to satellite tagging we're able to view a their travels for most of the year now - days it's still limited data -if you haven't seen some of this mapping you'll be surprised as I was -- check out IGFA Great Marlin Race From So Calif to the tip of Baja, dow towards the Equator and back again to above Hawaii in days- the developing theory is the next direction would towards So Calif learn more here Stand by big fish casino slow network further info!

Ross big fish casino slow network Finally found a group of fish that bit out near area. All on largesardines with ringed fly liners. Good times for Dad and I.

JD'--JD you on this side- Ed Martin, Retriever We wanted to put it out tha t Betty Martin, wife -- just released a marlin-- just past the 14 mile bank- lots of boats out here trolling - -just the two of us on board- - water 72 degrees, green jig, blunt nose hand made-- And the Offshore calls in with a released marlin, Jeff the angler, randy the captain, coming back from the tuna grounds the caugh the marlin on the A Bank Whale watchers into dolphins off South Laguna-- Whale watchers report meeting lots of squid deep in their area, thats why there's so muc sea life there.

And the Quitena scores well with a three fish day, two cockpit fish- one on the kite yummy, one big fish casino slow network a mackerel hung off the kite and then tempted fate with popper fishing off the bow! Later afternoon bite into the evening. And Decker has a fish on tight to the island early this morning-- came off Todays mail- Footballs 3 Miles Off Laguna Canyon--JD, My son and I ran out from Dana this morning and went just short of the 14 looking for paddies but the lettuce was few and far between.

We came in shore at Moro and stayed miles off the coast making our way back to Dana. We were just about 4 miles straight out from the Roof-Top bar and a school of lb. They were bursting through the air and there was no mistaking their identity. We tried to get close to them as we didn't have any jigs tied on our poles and they sunk out.

Saw them come up once more and that was it. Sporty Game rolls into the harbor late afternoon with a lb Bluefins and nice 19lb Dorado good yft on the mackeral bk. Another fine morning-- light marine cloud cover - wind light 3- 6 from the south seas calm with a small mix of seas First Marlin of the Season that I 've heard caught and released East end of Catalina -- by the Gadzukes 1st for the Dana Angling Club I think - came up on a Candy Eye pusher couple of drop back baits got into the water - the fish came up again on the outside rigger --mackeral colored Congrats-- JD I 've heard of a third fish, sleeper off the Domes, Dolly Pardons, that was baited hooked?

Still the tuna boats were mark'in fish, waiting for the afternoon big fish casino slow network. Kile calls in-- they were out on the Desperation Reef area-- three navy boats out there working but letting them fish says there's lots of 20 25lb tunas jumping around and a few fish taken on the Yummies so far- - The "Cove" shows it's hot today from 12 noon till midnight-- we'll see if the Navy lets the boats anchored see more big fish casino slow network for big fish casino slow network evening Boats just kept passing us up headed offshore-- we were only 4 off the beach --could almost see the colored beach towels on the shoreline-- big paddy -- must big fish casino slow network been fifty dorado there some big ones too we were able to get 6 of the smaller fish-- but hard to get them to bite, e very once in a while they'd push the bait up and they'd get on them-- we could pick out one or two each time there Heads and Tails Hammerheads we saw two of em'- -- , fished the backside of Here not many boats around now big fish casino slow network there a squid boat- we picked up sardines here in newport they one's we could keep alive to the middle of the day help catch us 8 nice sized 20lbers yellowtails-- good fishing for us Nice afternoon coastal clouds moving in-- -- good luck tomorrow if your going out- JD.

Not much said on the radio -- so far today several boats headed to the island to get their moorings in avalon - should be a busy weekend I wouldn't be surprised if a marlin wasn't hooked this weekend-- give it a try-- the First one of the Season has yet to be caught in US waters-- -- perfect moon phase tides-- Stand By.

Down here just outside the got some nice dorado a couple of yellows-- kelps. BAC you there- we're headed in with a couple of dorado to weigh-- I'm thanks-- 1: Still Muggy - they say it'll get better by the weekend-- seas calm-- light south wind, to big fish casino slow network west Cirrus clouds above 18, inland thunderheads Humid.

Hooker Stan you on this side- -- ya woke me up! It'll be a week big fish casino slow network so before big fish casino slow network generator warms up again- stand by.

We're off your starboard-- they're here-- but we havent got them to go OK --I want to watch you shoot one-- they were jumping around the paddy 15 minutes ago- Radio reception proablly not bad only not as many boats out-- spoke to a boater just arived back fro Catalina-- picked up some weak dines here in Newport- found a paddy 7- 8 big fish casino slow network the beach holding yellows and a couple of Did want anythig Dorado" the caugh two of the tails 10 14lb fish went to the backside big fish casino slow network Catalina, 6 more tails there 15 lb stuff, and only one calico-- where's the calicos go he ask!

Boats were working further west looking for the BFTs, Clemente island has a broken schedule this weekend I think only open for anchor in Pyramid from midnight till noon Saturday then hot till monday - please check schedule or call Kraken on ch 16 VHF. San Clemente Island Security. For what it's worth heres the latest three day composit image of the water temps from 64 to 76 degrees and also the Chlorphill Charts for the past few days. Muggy and tropical- global warming- here comes the wahoo's and Blue Marlins Building moon for a full this weekend,last month about this time 4- 7 days before the Full it was good Bluefin tuna fishing-- Stand by Light radio chatter todayboats traveling up from Dana say hardly anyone on the water it wa like big fish casino slow network glass part of the way-- not much in the way of current today for the coastal fishers, after the noon tide it picked up a bit.

Still a few sports out chasing the bigger tunas-- and the swordfish fleet was hard at work during these flat mid day tides. Party boats out from further south report dorado under the kelps not too far offshore and they were happy to pull a few yellows off the weeds. Bonito also near the kelps.

A call in this afternoon they had been out yesterday- - outside Dana-- bait pump wasn't working so they relayed on the lures and jigs one kelp had a couple of rat yellows under it- four off the beach- gyros helped to see another boat strengthen casino drive briancon gegen offshore boating what looked to be a healthy dorado-- maybe 18 lbs- a radio call invited them over and they ended up with yellows and dorado's on flat falls and a scrambled egg iron-- being overcast for most of the early part of the day they stayed with the darker colored Flat falls even when the sun came out they had had success with the dark color they stuck with it for more bites- Boat Warm and big fish casino slow network inland- skies turn to a milky white at the coastline then darker over the water - seas fair with a mix of long period swells-- wind light south.

Not much change in the flow of wind- if anything it got calmer towards the late afternoon hours. It's a long run out to the fishing grounds-to go just a little bit further, see what's over the horizonone more kelp-- -- that's tuna fishingdriving aroundburning fuel trolling, and the return trip depending of sea conditions can eat up the remaining fuel on board, and the remaining few gallons left in the bottom of the tanks sometimes cant be picked up or it's dirty and clogs up filters.

Four times over the past big fish casino slow network of days I've heard of those running out or just about running out of fuel. That's a long ways out there and a long ways back- be careful- JD. Most of the SD tuna sportboat fleet headed below the border chasing the tails, dorado and YF tunas- Privates still out at Desperation reef, and inside the Head.

Water offcolor warn and green against the beach - cleans and blues up only a few miles out Started out early this morning myself-- due to insuffient fuel reserves elected to stay close to home-- played with the calicos, small barracudas, missed a small 5- 7 lb yellowtail and watched a thresher shark bat a floating flip-flop with it's tail, that was the excitement for the mornings cruise.

Light marine cloud casino point eau calmed seas and smooth waters-- greasy flat-- nice. Ali with her BAC's First Fish Flag on DoradoCongrats! He said at on time he'd counted 72 boats fishing the tunas!! Did well fishing the kelps south of the border. Lost a few due to angler confusion Great weather all day -greasy flat in the morning Thanks for the great reports -keep them coming Wayne S.

Notes on Fair Game-- in perspective Schuberts-Die-Forelle tells us something about it - --Across a clear brook gentle, There shot in eager haste The trout, so tempramental; Quite arrow-like it raced. I on the shore was gazing And watched the brook disclose The merry fish's bathing To me in sweet repose. An angler's reel unrolled From where he stood below.

He watched with blood most cold The fish swim to and fro. So long no stone or sod Stirred up the water pure The trout from line and rod Would stay, I thought, secure. At length the thief lost patience And made the brook obscure With crafty agitations, And ere I could be sure The rod had started curving; The squirming fish was hooked. With pounding blood observing, At the betrayedI looked. He speaks of the game of angling and the frustrated fisherman having to muddy big fish casino slow network water in order of fool the fish which was not fair game in the art of angling.

To that thought- what's fair game these days-? Noit's just food fishing not sportfishing-- as is now there's probably a growing black market for these fish-- I wonder how long before they'll be a open buying market for tuna fish? That south wind kept it up all night- morning hours still sees an light from the south flow, light wind chop on a fair sea amd welcoming-- even water skiers to Avalon this am-- Clearing early- we'll see how the wind fairs today.

Peabody"Sherman, set the Wayback machine to Blue water pushing in towards the beach off Dana, birds piles reveal baits against that big fish casino slow network below Dana off. Scratch reception-- ionization in the salty air- big fish casino slow network the boats a big fish casino slow network ways away.

Overcast marine clouds from the south late afternoon-- still big fish casino slow network the south all day a steady 8- 10 kts. Mornings starts off overcast muggy light south wind kts- Whale watcher says he's had to catch up to the whale he was following up to 12 knts! E-Mail this morning- - Hi JD, Thanks for all the reports, advice and gear. It was scratchy but fun! He said there were embarrassing sized tunas-- they're keep getting bigge r and out ranking the anglers- -- Giant Bluefin Tunas.

Clemente looks to be busy this weekend-- you'll need turn singnels to help navigate between on coming sportfisherwe with kites up and those drifting with flatfall lures. Morning and later afternoon bites on the Tunas and Broadbill Swordfish -like mid days sun- -one boat baited three yesterday near big fish casino slow network ! Bouncy mixed water conditions-- sounded a bit lumpy he called it a complete washing machine-- 4: A call in from Big fish casino slow network M.

Boy- a look a head 10 days shows another massive hurricane Jova moving up the line from Central America all along the Mexican ma inland coastline then up outside Cabo Stand by! Clearing off early- westerly early-- light marine haze still hanging in there San Clemente Island looks to be open for the weekend-- watch that south swell in Pyramid! And two Giant Bluefin tuna came into San Diego today lb and one larger that taped out above lbs the scale broke on the second fish-!

Starred out like the past few days a bit overcast and slight south, big fish casino slow network to south west at 12 by mid afternoon-Strong kite westher by 4 pm -marine clouds again apears late in the afternoon. Looks like the seiners mopped up the place pretty good- only a few working the lee of below Clemente.

Tides start to flatten out this next weekend-- with the mid days high tide slack around 1: And Tuna Club catches with a lb BFT on 50lb Dacron by Johnnie C. A hard sought after fish-- Congrats-- JD. Hi JD, this is Capt Bob of First Dawn Charters on the boat Hall Em In. We had a great trip for our two guys catching this beautiful yellowtail with barracuda calicos and Bonita to go along with it on the backside big fish casino slow network Catalina!! Hi JD - Michael and I went out yesterday July 24th and found the larger model yellowfin willing tobite the popper.

They bit the popper and would not touch bait or Colt Snipers. Thanks for the great rigging job on the poppers and the braid on the large spinners. It all worked to perfection. A couple of images, one of the water temp L and of the Chlorphill chart R.

Same as yesterday-- still working on the web site- JD - Wd afternoon should be good Sand bass bite- light westerly blew mid day- not much said on the radio. Generally 4 to ft in mixed swell through Wednesday.

Hurricane Hilary will begin impacting the zones offshore of Baja California through Friday click here increased winds and through Saturday night with large southerly swell to 10 ft.

Gentle southerly flow will prevail in the Gulf of California, and amazon free southerly flow across the northern Gulf of Http:// From the talks this AMfish spotter plane says he saw a river of tuna along the inside lee of Clemente Island-- along the shrimp buoys and tonnage of smaller 30 bluefins and a mix of yellowfin out towards the Butterfly Banks-- Kelps below the big fish casino slow network were harvested of lb Yellowtails and smaller dorado and bonitos'.

Spotter plane seeing shiners big fish casino slow network deep-- straight-- right-- right I don't see em' right now stand by-- - 3: Best of luck next week- stand by- JD hope the site works better- JD.

The Eastern Pacific region very active with three tropical cyclones: Irwin and Big fish casino slow network are forecast to become hurricanes.

So far in July, five named storms have developed. GREG MOVING WEST INTO A DRY AIR MASS. HILARY LIKELY TO BECOME A HURRICANE ON MONDAY. Boats scattered far and wide- Catalina still has squid for sale, coastal partyboats complaining about the lack of anchovies for their bass fishing.

Marked difference in a weeks big fish casino slow network frame with water temps in this image from 60 to 78 degrees. Foxi Lady report from Costa Rica- E-mail repo rt - Hey Big fish casino slow network Just finished our 2nd best trip of the year.

We raised 38 blue marlin article source 32 and caught 22 blues and 1 stripe marlin.

Because its getting further into the season we are starting to see some larger fish. We set a goal of tagging blue marlin this year. This trip put us over the scheint, free bets no deposit required casino sogenannten. We had one tag returned already this year hopefully we will get some more returns.

Hurricanes swells comming our way- stand by- - it'll take a month of that push - by Auguest we should be in the full swing of Yellowfin and dorados stand by. Kelps mid channel - but not holding much - except further south outside SD and up to Oceanside- there's a few smaller yellowtails and dorado under them.

Long Beach Carnage has Live squid, will be off the east end of the island till big fish casino slow network pm then go around to the backside. Bongos 2 reports- in with its fish catch yft and a private has a almost 5 00pm. Couple of boats still out for them after the long day of practice fishing.

I dont think we'd have a chance on 50 with the ones the bite us today--Congrats to you on your fish Tropical Storm Greg, big fish casino slow network several hundred miles southwest of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, Tropical Depression Nine-E, located several hundred miles south of eastern Mexico.

Still the marie influence here big fish casino slow network the beachslight overcast- south wind picking up mid morning calm eailer, Building tidal exchanges as the New moon comes around this.

Not much happening for them today-- working back from Clemente's last night stay-- still looking they were 8- 10 off the east end of Cat with hopes of a yellowin or something bigger. Steve DeGroote of C-Fab passed away this last week- - sorry I did not get the servies posted eariler, I only had this one photo of Steve- -but it shows his zeal for the good lifewe tosted each other on a good day of fishin' with- lobsters, steak and fine wines that evenin at the "Head" Vaya con Dios!

Yellowfin the 14 Bank-- trolled feathers, small squids daisy chained. Mid day the fish tunas began to show up again 1: You get yours George great congrats -- we lost our two-- 1: Kite Wars and a lot of traveled water today-- not as big fish casino slow network fish as advertised. The Gangs more info there tuna fishin' -- Decker too--an large ecology system right outside our harbor-- Newport -- in about a 1, of water, massive bird life and bait- dolphins and should be a whale there-- same off south Laguna Radio commutation - the relaying of an urgent messages from boat to boat is gratifying to know- - thanks JD.

I haven't seen it for the past 45 minutes, so take your time Big fish casino slow network were slugging it out taking our time, a little bumpy weather here--were a little west of yesterdays area- we'll start on that eastern edge and work into it- we;All let you know what we do. Still waiting for the show-- a few smaller YFT's reported so far-- standing by-- We just had em' up Krampfadern site geant casino des couldn't get on them-- 1: We just hooked one right now drifting -- 2: Morning found a gray low marine layer, seas big fish casino slow network and calm, slight mix of swelllight wind ruffled water giving way to lanes of gloss.

Still hard to entice but practice pays off for them Fishing the Ridge top and bottom and out towards the 43 fathom spot, spots of tuna. With the approaching mid day slackstand by for a marlin or a swordfish caught this weekend-- let me be the first to congratulate you nice going-- JD!

AN ESTIMATED TON OF BFT. Bill Casino tips you on this side it's definitely going on my 3: Sometimes things happensaw a splash and we were in the right position-- got the bitethanks we're upwind of you got one in the box, lost one and got another one going now you hear about the yesterdayI knew someone would do it Bluefin 2: FERNANDA BECOMES A MAJOR HURRICANE Two more big fish casino slow network that- Satnad by- as Billy told me- Wind begat waves Wave's begat current.

Fine morning-- light marine hazesoft warm southern seabreeze, seas welcoming- westerly developing g. AIS shows the Seiners working the Shipping lanes down to the fathom spot below theprobably other's not shown We're due west miles from where we were at yesterday, seeing a a few puddlers, breezes, I'm looking at a br easer right now-- - not really enough wind now for us to be flying a kite--what size are they? Some models predict the onset of El Niño during the Northern Hemisphere summer.

However, more than half of the models favor ENSO-neutral through the remainder of Waters warming and promising for the weekends- up coming local fishing tournaments, or just general fishing - enjoy it- we've already lost 11 minutes of sunlight since the 21st of June.

Different day today not the show of tunas up by the shipping lanes as yesterday-- lots of bait meered off the and big fish casino slow network the shipping lanes maybe that stuff will come up later in the day The day ended queit- with a added report- Back side of Catalina has the 30 lb grade yellows bitingberrys, bass and bonito and a halibut fills the sacks.

Everyone is welcome at NHYC. Tropical Depression Eugenelocated several hundred miles west-southwest of Punta Eugenia, Mexico, big fish casino slow network on newly upgraded Tropical Storm Fernanda, located several hundred big fish casino slow network south of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula.

And one behind that--! Still hot-- coastal marine big fish casino slow network left us early mid morning-- seas calm no swell yet and waters warming surface at 73 degrees above Newport and clean clean blue water- good break between the Balboa Pier and the jetty- lots of bait there as well as onward to the south off Abalone pt to Laguna- bird porpoise and bait a few whales there too Swordfish still around-- keep ya eyes open for them as this moon wains.

Big fish casino slow network on the scoping read article the yellowfin. Sultry and sticky- light south wind knts seas calm, small mixed swell - building from the south. Not as many boats on the water today- as was the weekends crowd trying to big fish casino slow network from the inlands heat wave.

Stand By for the 1st Marlin of the Season-- they're around not great numbers and from where they come from sill uncertain- more and more satellite tagged fish research shows maybe the early season fish come in from the northern Hawaiian waters wit a second flow of fish from the south later in the season-- either way Stand by I've got 71 degree big fish casino slow network boats scatter far and wide, seas calm wind light south 2- 4 kts- sky hazy and humid.

I've got a swordfish up right here We just had a either dorado or yellowtail just break me off in that giant click here paddy-- then this foamer of yellowfin came up next to it along with a Minki Whale A Sea Story- -- The passenger steamer SS Warrimoo was quietly knifing its way through the waters of the mid-Pacific on its way from Vancouver to Http:// The navigator had just finished working out a star big fish casino slow network and brought the master, Captain John Phillips, the result.

The Warrimoo's position was LAT big fish casino slow network 31' N and LON 30' W. Big fish casino slow network date was 31 December Captain Phillips was prankish enough to take full advantage of the opportunity for achieving the navigational freak of a lifetime. He changed course slightly so as to bear directly on his mark. Then he adjusted the engine speed. At mid-night the SS Warrimoo lay on the Equator at exactly the point where it crossed the International Date Line!

The consequences of this bizarre position were many: The date in the aft part of the ship was 31 December In the bow forward part it was 1 January Big fish casino slow network ship was therefore not only in two different days, two different months, two different years, and two different seasons, but it was also in two different centuries - all at the same time.

Saltry air- light south wind- seas fair and a light wind chop small mixed sea. We'll the season started out reasonably well with not too much profanity on the radio b ut- it's gone downhill from there today--maybe too much drinking early in the day? Lets try to remain civil on the radio.

LB Carnage said they'ed have live squid for sale, Catlaina or backside BW later this evening The beach welcomes you today-- light salty air from the south 2- 4 kts a few high scattered clouds-- seas fair to calm- Come on Down!

Spotter plane reports only seeing the smaller stuff - I didnt article source any of the big ones just big fish casino slow network bunches of that 50lbs stuff-- west of you-- no really big stuff-- spent couple of hours futher down theredidnt see much of that big stuff there most I saw was between those too high spots both inside the upper high spot and betweedn the two high spotsthe Cross.

Big fish casino slow network coming up on your port- it was on your starboard side they were up there's another spot off our stern,, look like you'll be on it it we need a little more wind! At least were getting something there like 40 lbs we got four of em'-- 27 over 39? Full moon making it hard to get the squids last beträgt, hotel du casino vierville hier hope to make some this evening-- barge was out-- another squid boat off Avalon said they had squid for sale?

The center of Tropical Storm Eugene was located near latitude Strengthening is forecast during big fish casino slow network next 48 hours and Eugene is forecast to become a hurricane on Sunday.

Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 70 miles kmmainly to the north and east of the center. Hot inland more info on the beach - light south wind 2- 4 kts- light marine haze- fading away. Radio active this morning-- sounded like there was a marlin caught-- not sure who- where- in tuna grounds big fish casino slow network of gibberish about it being a blue- caus it had blue eyes-?

Weathers nice-- seas are fair and the water temps - reasonable-- seems there's a article source amount of bait around-- moon phase looks right- maybe some offcolor water swirling around- just no big fish biting -- big fish casino slow network Just got blown up on the bait 5 times -- missed itwe're gonna make another tack down through there - we're about a mile inside you- basically where we fished yesterday-- I think down 3 up they may have been the smaller stuff-- -- big fish casino slow network rember they take it on the down tack tide turns at 2 pm Just put one on a 20lber-- Im at Overcast here on the beach- coastal marine clouds from the PHC westward- light south wind 2- 6 kts- seas fair plus.

Filling moon over the next week - - we should see some increased big fish casino slow network on the Bluefinned tunas and the white sea basse s.

Long line fishery for the Yellowfined tunas has had a better nighttime showing big fish casino slow network that filling moon.

Light marine layer going away by mid morning- seas fine wind light- west- seems it might be building Yesterdays water temp chart and the Chlorophyll one as well.

Seas ok light wind chop. Good Calico Bass and Sand Bass on the art. Clean blue water outside Danano whales except a Blue 7 off the beach. You should go down hill from there-- we just had that foamer up right there behind me -- in that swell you could see that big old black boil in it drag your yummy right over that spot-- 3: Charter boats are available, The registration party August 3rd, fishing eldorado casino August 4th, 5th and 6th of in the marlin rich waters of Kona, Hawaii.

Click on the logo for more information or go to www. A broad area of low pressure is located about miles south of the southern tip of the Baja California big fish casino slow network. Additional development of this system is possible and a tropical depression could form during the next several days while it moves west-northwestward. Formation chance 70 percent. A low pressure system is expected to form well south of the coast of Mexico Environmental conditions are forecast to be favorable for development and a tropical depression is likely to form later this week while the system moves westward at about 10 mph.

A third area of disturbed weather is located over the far eastern North PacificAhhh the summer crowds again-- working here on the beach you see a bunch--! Gray sky, gray ocean light south wind maybe kts- seas calm- light mix of swell. Live squid being sold right out front of Avalon-- - "Plenty of Live Squid for sale"-- he says. Whales and dolphins beint the entertainment for the crowds today-- dolphins big fish casino slow network be some other place than right out front of the harbor where there's a ton of bait there now- 2: Kite wars a quick check on kite rules and etiquette brings two different schools of thought -- we should respect first claim on sky space or you basically big fish casino slow network to avoid other kites and take other kites down to be the only kite left in the air when the battle is done!

Yesterday- he says coming back from the to the Corner in the afternoon the tuna just came up - it erupped - maybe this read article high tide we'll see it again-- standing by- best casino birmingham Overcast, big fish casino slow network light from the south, almost too light for kites kts, seas smooth.

Don't let this overcast weather dampen the fishing spirit- it acts as a thermidor radiating the sun rays, bouncing them back and forth under it increasing suns warming effect- - Plankton life remains closer to the surface for longer periods, baits and game fish more accessible-- it's all good. Whale watching boat reports lots of scattered dolphinswith an amazing amount click here birds off lower HB Here's a better image of the water tempsthree day composit to 70 degrees.

Coastal fishing 64 degrees not bad big fish casino slow network but not much in the way of fishes-- lots of smoothhound snarks and a few bat rays to takes the bottom big fish casino slow network - Newports bait receiver has small weak anchovies and a little better sardines.

Long Beach Carnage said they were at Catalina- afternoon several boats saying the bait boats were out of bait? All in big fish casino slow network when the tag popped off and data was downloaded for research- t hat marlin is probably headed out way now along with his buddies!

We saw them blew up about 2 miles back- - yea-- quite a bit of bait here a few marks-- just waiting for them to come up- - a little offcolor here but bluer outside from here-- Yellowfin in that body of warm water outside and below oceanside and further below and outside the La Jolla Canyon.

Weather flatten out mid late afternoon-- got nice with a few marine clouds developing- still south wind all day-- not much big fish casino slow network on the radio-- maybe the had a better show on th bigger fish? I'm exactly two miles from the harbor Newport and I've got a Blue Whale a nd there's a either Bryde's Whales. It's pronounced, "Brude-ess and there's a Fin Whale around too.

Not as many boats out today I think a couple of boats took the day off after yesterdays frustrating attempts at the BFT It's been quiet for most of the day?? Marking marking-- it looks legit here- yea big fish casino slow network tacking back and forth just above of you a little bit We're just setting up now where you at -we're going star t a few miles above you this morning we're a few more miles to it, where that had some late yesterday afternoon-- - 6 above?

That you here I'm at hidden clue right where your going there some big fish there, yea there's a couple boats dragging kites there, definitely they're here we saw some shiners-- smaller stuff too and some of those bigger shines -- We had a tack the opposit direction we had more life inside here-- we just got set up with the kite --after licking our wounds after that afair He lost two fish today a yellowtail that broke the hook and a Swordfish earlier!

Swordfish Rigged squid baits availabe at JD'spre rigged by Bastmasters- - ready to go-- just add saltwater! Skipper was telling stories of having terrible luck-- nothing going -- looks over and see so-in so eating a bannanagrabs it and tosses it out the window few seconds later -- they yell hook up-from down below- he's running a sportboat he thinks to big fish casino slow network thank Gawd - finally it's the banana peal!

Saw a lot of more single individuals, more of big fish casino slow network bigger fish -- -- we'll congrats - thanks nice to get some blood on the boat-- that water sure changes -- about avery hour throughout the day sometimes with fish sometimes bait nice to get back out here on the water his afternoon 5: Coastal fishing-- short barracuda and sugur bass, we had a nice fish that got away couple current changes up- down- then slack-- so not much Sunny and hot- wind light from the south seas ok, a little mixed swell light wind chop.

It's not much of a clean water temps images but at least it shows that cooler water on the outside and a little warmth down towards the click to see more also the cooler water creeping down from Pt Fermin.

Tuna catching still hard but ther're still there from this weekends E Mail We ran back out to the spot, put the new kite up and skipping a yummy by 11am, then boom, huge splash and we are hooked up at I was on the fish, 45 minutes, got it to the boat, circling for the last time with its back breaking the water, gaff man ready to swing then the fish rotated, starting coughing big fish casino slow network red crabs and bit through the lb leader.

Estimate lb bluefin goes free. Kite big fish casino slow network up and we had two more strikes tacking back and forth over this area. The fish seem to hit better on the North bound tack. We landed the next two fish that went and lb. Both of my crewmen Jon N. We were using lb mono top shot, over lb braid. Tiagra 30 reel on a very nice Seeker rod with roller guides.

Looks like it will be a scorcher today-- -- cloudcover broke up early today-- hazy blue skies left behind20 kts on the outside of Clemente, much nicer on the inside, wind west 6- 10 kts light wind chop.

Quiet on the radio for a Sat-morning- - "what's the best way to cook a mackerel? There's was about a 6 miles zone that we metered bait-- more outside the curve-- -- inside that fathom there wasn't any bait at all --but out here it's jugged with bait, now that there's some wind we're getting set up with the continue reading big fish casino slow network make a drift through that bait- just waiting for that time for them to come big fish casino slow network 1: Clouds burning off a bit better today-- maybe we'll lodge choctaw casino a better water temp image this evening-- feels like it's cooling off- or concentrating.

Live squid was said to be the key in getting the yellowfins w bait. Told myself to get up early and go fishin this morning but didntand naturally the weather turned out flat and calm with a light overcast and sun beginning to peak through mid morning should have gone for they wee biting at least the sea basses were on the incoming morning's tide.

Weak and almost unreadable a scratchy report says, Really slow -we ran all the way down to the -- -- -- - haven't seen any tunas-- -- we're headed back up the line-- 1: Blue Whale right in front of Newport harbor travleing degrees and at 4 knts All we've seen so far big fish casino slow network the birds -marking lots of different spots, we're 5 for 9 so 4: We got big fish casino slow network fish 4: Long Beach Carnage still hocking their live squid out front of Avalon San Clemente Island open on Friday and Sat-- starts to get "Hot" at hrs 1pm on Sunday till monday.

Staying south all morning and into the early afternoon -got the flags almost stiff-- still overcast- spots of sun. Skipper here on the -- we just put on a nice bluefin they're coming up all around here-- get a bait out-- 1: Run and Gun read article the and just below was where we found the Yellowfin yesterday must have made 15 cast to foamers and bird schools or the porpoise --got one lb fish on the 80 colt sniper.

You see thatthose fish came up right behind that whale 3: Long Beach Carnage says they've got live squid for sale-- out front of Avalon - now will probably be around back in the dark. In these overcast day's water temp images are hard to get-- as is the Chlorphill charts.

We're here down between the and the --we looked at every bank on the way down here haven't seen much in the way of life -- one small pod of dolphin-- sounds like you got something on boardyea a small yellowtail Not much sun here on the beach today till 3pm before it came out windy in the long beach basin --calmer further south nice afternoon. Daylight's running out soon- Carpe Diem A quick look at a three day composit of the water temp chart- from 60 to 70 degrees.

We pulled up to a foamer -- the spot stayed up for awhile naturally everyone got backlashes on their first cast- I think one guy got bit-- We started on the Ridge this morning colder-- didn't this web page anything just got up here -- seeing a few spots of foamers marking a few fish under the porpoise but couldn't get any of them to go Another day at the each marine coastal clouds burnign away as the sun gets to it- wind light from the south 4- 5 knts seas light and mixed.

About a miles west of the great tuna marks here-- I've got a S load of fish that just came up hit the ceder plug-- must be on a bait all- The general tuna area seems from the down to the out to the Border's corner, out to the and up to the and in towards the again. E-Mail from the Foxi Lady Costa Rica. We rescued a turtle today. It was caught up in a poly pro bag. It could not go big fish casino slow network. Ken Hession was able to get ahold and haul it aboard and remove the bag.

Good way to finish big fish casino slow network good trip. A lot check this out rain squalls makes the ocean a learn more here sporty.

Off your starboard side - there's a big group- we've got em' in the gyros-- Yea there's a lot of them around in those porpoise-- hard to get on them- Go get em get em'' Big fish casino slow network SWBA the Salt water Bass fishing and many others joined in with Olive Crest today in a fund raising event out of Long Beach Yacht Club - I think 51 boats and representies from the various commercial food industry got together for this charity videoslots bonus code raiser- good karma.

Long day for most-- but pleasant seas were enjoyed for all- some had "fish in the box" - others -fish were seen but they were not hungry yet. I wanted to comment on the radio etiquette today- reasonable yet fun, refreshing to not hear the dirty talk- lets try to keep it clean this year thanks JD and the rest of the fleet.

Sunny and hot inland cool and refreshing here on the beach - gentle sea breezes from the south a light marine layer lays offshore- seas calm and welcoming.

Front of the Big fish casino slow network, live squid for sale long Beach Carnage. Yesterday it started there and we worked out way to the big fish casino slow network, I'm make bets down there again this morning-- 9: Good yellowtail bite at Catalina-- or at Trauer; bet uk online pH-Wert there's a few of the bigger 30lb stuff around the East End of the island to try for Sealions a threat of slow trolled baits or hooked fish-- hopefully there's a big fish casino slow network nearby to draw the seals to it, not you.

Barracudas in force off Silver Canyon. More and more yellows found under paddiessome small -some 20lbes. Yesterdays Water temps and the Chlorophyll charts-- it sure looks tempting along that break by the fathom spot and remember there's that FAD at near the spot 33l. How ya doing off the East End-- - nada-- a few marksterns, how far you off-- 8- 10 they here just don't want to play yet-- thanks- 4: Have a fun weekend -- Happy Pop's Day next Sunday.

Dozens of boats out-- most secretive between themselves and the tuna their seeking Whale watcher out of Dana Probably big fish casino slow network off the beach-- all the marks are just above the Point just off the drop-off big fish casino slow network --Lots of bait marks-- birds We've seen some how you doing? Sitting in the Dermatologist chair the other morning waiting- - look over at the table- spy a bunch of cotton swabs on small wooded sticks- just what I was looking for!

Pinning the hooks with a toothpick is easy and a big fish casino slow network stitching of rigging tape sets them up. Like a previous long gone era of bait rigging now Yummy's and dragging there's many ways to skin that cat. The newer swept back Yummy has a centered slot down it's back the hook can come up or down from there- the hook's eye is brought forward into the bait via leader big fish casino slow network, the eye will lay latterly and can be judged where it is, centering a needle down through the bait, through the hook's eye and out the bottom, slide a coffee stir the hollow kind - those too I swiped from the coffee shop over the needle and bring it back through and out the top, remove the needle and you've a hollow tube straight through the yummy- top to bottominsert a toothpick or two and snip off the excess.

The pin toothpicks acts Magen william hill internet betting Sie a harness to help pull the bait and keeps the hook from moving around. You can go big fish casino slow network all of that-- or just simply stick a toothpick through it-!

The original Yummy with the broader wing span can also be double hook rigged with the forward hook's eye"pinned down and a trailing hook upwards. Quote of the day--" you got foam?

Nice morning sunny and warming-- wind light from the south maybe kts- seas good with several boats outgood radio reception. Some puddling tunas at the Coroner, they ate some chovies but they've sunk out Sculpin fisherman stepping over big fish casino slow network fishers. They're still around-- Vicks big fish casino slow network lb WSB the other day-a good 35 minute battle on 20lb braid line. For those venturing offshore this weekend-- San Clemente Island Security shows the "Cove " to be open both daysup inside the lee of the island- Zone "B" looks to be active for most of those days, otherwise the island is open.

That's what I was seeing in the dark- those meter marks down ft they just aren't coming up yet We've coming down what's your was them How ya doing -- saw one boil 20 minutes ago that been it for us- how you-- simply breezers we've got one on the deck and were on another on-- same place were were at the other day 2: We 've got a force feeder -- maybe if we ran 8 miles up there w'ed get a shot-- - it'd be worth it-- see em' splashing around to the right --see the birds 3: Yea-- it's a big fish casino slow network foamer you get any cast to it yea tow cast no bites-- into a full foamer We just saw some at minus15 and a plus 17 - fish rolling around 4: And Marlin fishing is right around the corner, Save the Dates for the 3rd Annual Big fish casino slow network Billfish Challenge!

Compared to the past week it's a lake out there today-- a little ripple from the south seas calm, coastal water tragamonedas sin casino gratis descargar de juegos maybe a light green tint to it.

Water temps San Pedro buoy South wind at 8- 15 knts mixed seastate a bit rolly, light chop. Not enough, only 4 keepers, one more drift then we'll try for some rock fish-- the sculpin boats out fishing on the "killing grounds" as they called it -- hopes for the barracuda and small yellowtail still there--bigger sculpin on the giant flatfall!

Clemente held big fish casino slow network better bite on the tails--inside big fish casino slow network lee, blowing on the backside-- Didnt hear much on the tunas myself JD. Anybody catch any tuna today ?? For a full phase you'd expect a better bite-? Came up from the4 off the corner of the East end came up on a kelp- and there were foamers, those giant tunas all the way up here.

Next time I'll be ready-. A question about albacore catchers? In Albacore were already biting of the Oregon coast. However, Sea-Surface-Temps for look like a normal pattern and no albacore have been caught.

We expect fish to show in weeks as with most normal seasons. He walks in to the shop later in the day- -- I got two he claims -- Tuna? Morning hours blessed with a soft gray high overcast sky, seas flat with a riffle of wind. Westerly later this afternoon. Squid Wars Avalon and Angels Gate- both have live squid for sale-- and both pricey! I think their secret is save with me. Yet people want information to better themselfs in their fishing efforts both experts and novice.

During May, ENSO-neutral continued, though sea surface temperatures were above average in the east-central Pacific Ocean. While big fish casino slow network temperatures were elevated, the atmosphere was close to average. Atmospheric convection anomalies were weak over the central tropical Pacific, while the lower-level and upper-level winds were near average over most of the tropical Pacific.

Both the Southern Oscillation Index SOI and Equatorial SOI were also near zero. Many models predict the onset of El Niño 3-month average Niño However, the NCEP CFSv2 and most of the models from the latest runs of the North American Multi-Model Ensemble NMME are now favoring the continuation of ENSO-neutral. Yellowtail and Haibuts being sought after in this weekends local angling clubs tournaments-- full moon- grunion run tides are strong and daylights big fish casino slow network and weather- acceptable-- good luck- JD.

The tournament concludes on Sunday, June 11th at 2: Check out the BAC's New Web Site Westerly blew in strong-- and kept up most of the day-- will probably mix up the water a bit, tides flowing stronger now, currents already mixed and baits schools seem to be taking advantages of the offshore islands lees. Reports from Catalina say bird schools- terns by the numbers picking at the surface outside Avalon. Partyboats speaking of seeing some schools of Barracuda-- with thoughts of a White Sea Bass under them Tuna-- yes they do have tails and follow both instinct and bait conditions.

Fathers Day Gift-- a Kite and a Yummy- what better gift can a guy want! To go fly a kite and play with a plastic fish! Filling moon phase, Grunion run this weekend. Halibut White Sea Bass and Yellowtail even the tunas welcome it- stand by.

E-Mail Hey JD Caught big fish casino slow network on the East end Friday night on a dropper loop with the 20 Dac you set me up with. Weighed in at 31 lbs. E-Mail--Hello JD, Just got back Sunday from a 3-day on the Shogun. Here are a few picturesof my sons If you look closely you will see the eyes of the pole spun 90 degrees from center of the reel. Butt section came unglued so the fish walked him around the boat times on 30lb floro and a 2 hook. Sounded like the sportboats were ont chasing the bird schools below the border-- not as many "foamers" today, more bird pile ups A small short wire fits into the Yummy and the forward hold allows the leader to pass through correctly Boston Fishing Kites in stock!

Another yucky day-- morning overcast marine layer-light south- calm seas- - feels like barracuda or even Salmon weather He said they couldn't get em' to go foamers going right after the little 2 inch micro bait, they'd chase the bait right to the boat go right under the boat and pop up on the other side of the boat-- 4 inside the yesterday afternoon I'm looking at it right now a swordfish- - swimming right up next to the boat miles out of the harbor 3: We're on that same school of dolphins- - tons or birds we dropped baits down-- we didn't get anything -- neither did we -- 9: Right outside the Casino-- live for sale at Catalina-- Long Beach Carnage They're keeping it quiet- the tuna dope-- stand by - Obscure e-mail this morning- -- We'll did they bite for ya?

We got two over Couple of Orcas's seen heading south and White Shark big fish casino slow network becoming an tourist attraction north SD waters.

They went the route-- hit all the standard high spots from dawn onwards- 43, the Corner, back up the Ridge-- and 8 miles outside of i t-- the afternoon tide flooded in- by 2: The day returned to a overcast one-- and not much said on the radios-- after 3 pm Radio more active this morning-- boaters out looking for the tunas-- scratch radio reception-so far.

Go north there' big fish casino slow network lb foamers-- mosty of the time we were on bird schools and foamers. Give them a shot I think they'll help in a lot of lures. Again the high overcast sky- - Incubator a better name for it -- humidifier maybe another one-- in either case it allows the waters to warm gradually and sealife grows comfortably - by mid afternoon it had melted away w.

I spoke to the manufacture of the Yummy Flyers yesterday -- he suggested that the f lyer itself be cast directly to the boiling tunas-- the new Super design helps self right themselves upright and they skitter jump around on the retrieve, they are really simple to vaginal casino royale watch online english subtitles Bewegung either hook upright or down in the pre-made slot along its back- give it a shot- - I added in a 1 big fish casino slow network torpedo sinker and it helped in the distance of the cast.

This is great news. Boat on the 43 saying they'd seen a couple of foamers out there? There's a big spread of commons Dolphin maybe a 1, spread out -- b irds, bait-- below and outside Dana Hi JD, I'm over here in Maui for a wedding and of course brought all my shore fishing gear. I put in about 15 hours over the last couple days and was rewarded with this beautiful omilu blue fin trevally: I caught her on a made big fish casino slow network jig by mark white, such a great fight!

Ah aa- walking on the beach feeling the sand erode away under your feet in that warm wash-- a dark spot out 50 yards off the beach offers a target, ya know big fish casino slow network a jack prowling lucky slot games lady there somewhere- Sweet! Gray and overcast here source the beach-- light west wind- seas have a mixed swell some wind chop- bait schools 5 off South Laguna We did go back to those original numbers but nothing there-- we did see a few yellowfin's mixed in with those porpoise-- but that was it-- just checking in-- alright good luck-- Picking the right words to describe all Old Joe is hard.

Joe was such an important part of the Anglers and a truly generous and good hearted man. Joe spent the weekend with all of his family in Catalina doing what he loved so much then returned home for a nap where he has now left us.

BoxAvalon, CA or the Hoag Hospital Foundation Placentia Avenue, SuiteNewport Beach, CA in honor of Joseph B. Gifts will be directed to Circle within the Hoag Family Cancer Institute.

Clemente open Friday afternoon after 5 pm, open sa t6 till, Sunday's "Hot" starts 1 am. May Gray just wont go away-- and that's ok for now-- that overcast weather acts read article a percolator in reflecting back the suns rays- slow and steadily warming-- besides I think the baits stays up longer and sight fishing for tunas is better.

Simply Remarkable-- One one knew big fish casino slow network of their travles-- Remarkable marine science. Received this E-mail this morning- Re The Great Marlin Race during last years BAC Masters Billfish Tournament -- - Good Morning Team Hooked: We estimate that the total distance is really about 5, nm! Compared to the other tracks from striped marlin deployed big fish casino slow network andthis fish also swam along the Baja coast but continued further south than big fish casino slow network tagged in previous years, almost reaching the equator, before making its way north again!

Check out the track in link below: Whale watchers seeing more and more Mola' Mola's and sealions for the day- there's so much bait out here how much did you say they consumed virginia hollywood casino a day-- about 20 lbs.

We literally tried everything-- there were a ton of fish there-- Tunas the big Metastatic géant casino montpellier près d arènes Download lots of volume here It's not just fishing for food -it's adding challenge to the gameit was called sport fishing - the use of IGFA or line classes of breaking categories that helped set standards by which to judge an anglers skill - Angling Clubs follow such rules, their goal to catch the biggest fish within a set standard of line breaking classes, the biggest fish with the lightest line being the challenge.

To archive the strongest line allowed without going over the breaking limitthese tournament fishing lines are increasing harder to find, Ande is by far the main IGFA monofilament line used and for the braided dacron fibers lines used by the Tuna Club of Avalon it's tough to find good quality.

Received in a new batch of the braided Dacron lines the other daythe 20 lb tested at JD's carries big fish casino slow network IGFA Mono and Dacron lines as well as old school 9 thread linen too! Minke Whales seen big fish casino slow network outside of Dana-- said to be a good just click for source indicator. Light overcast marine layer-- wind on the slow side from the south, seas are calm- lots of boats out.

C atalina and Clemente had there share of party boats-- tails, bass and rockfish. Bait schools with birds and dolphins on them over a scattered 3 - 5 miles area South of the Newport harbor. First Fish for the BAC 's Tuna Flag, School after school of foamers that were on micro fin bait 2 inch stuff- they'd circle the bait into a ball and come running into it-- toss a jig into the melee and you were hooked!

S outh of the Fathom Bank -Yesterday- smaller fish, they didn't stay up very big fish casino slow network, hard to get on them-- today it looked better weather so they went, 10 am left the harbor -- by 2 pm they had at lest one fish aboard, Sweet -- Father fought the fish his son Michael drove the boat- gaffed it-- nice job Late afternoon early evening report-- we just got on on 65lb-- tuna- 6: E-Mail-- thanks for the info -- JDmistakenly, we ended up chasing the internet and bailed on the plan to go south and ended up at the corner up to san clemente canyon.

That was it all day. It big fish casino slow network slow for everyone. Really rough and snotty by the end of the day, no swell but at least a 4ft big fish casino slow network chop coming from all directions. And another E Mail - - Hey JDFishing Ensenada on Friday and baited this fish.

Had it on for 7 hours on a small Penn single speed reel. Finden norsk tipping casino macht just wouldn't do the job at all so we cut the line. Had it big fish casino slow network a few times but it just sank out. Please take a look. We thought it was a big fish casino slow network blue marlin but someone thinks it's a swordfish?? I'd like your opinion? Mike K Black Jack. Thanks Mike for the fish story-- "The one that got away" -- - It's certainly has a long enough bill to be a swordfish and it's a big enough fish to be a blue.

After I looked closely to the dorsal's fin shape, it doesn't taper down like a marlins would along its back, and it does more info a broad bill -odds are in favor of a big swordfish, w aters a bit too cool for the Blues but who knows now?

Scratchy radio report Pruple Casinorewards com vip, we were all around the today-- A few morning clouds, chased away by a light west wind-- light cap and chop- no swell. Most of the northerm migration of Gray Whale along local waters is over nowmaybe a Blue, Humpback of Fin will visit us-- yet a late swimming pair of Grays showed up this afternoon, a Mom and young calf were spotted working their way along the shallow ft depth. When you think about what moms trying to do, educate her young of the world big fish casino slow network them, it's pretty cool.

Tacking uphill on their way back-- mid channel water cleaned up 62 and blue- blue-- a kelp paddy approached up wind, slow drift with two baits out- - She says, the gaffer- "Well its the first time I ever gaffed one", looks like she did a good job!

Outside of Avalon plenty of live squid being sold by the Pacific Carnage- Ch 11 VHF Warm overcast cloudy morning-- sun breaking it up- wind, light from the south 2- 4 kts- seas swell- light chop. A Fat Old Man at work in Costa Rica! Great trip, 4 days of fishing and 2 days of traveling Fishing 2 dredges 4 teasers and 2 hooks we raised 52 had 42 bites catch 20 blue marlin and 2 stripes. For what ever reason a number of the newly installed fads have gone away.

Boy that's some good fishing!! Raised 52, had 42 bites, catch 20 blue marlin and 2 stripes. Remember there's two FADs off out coastline too! One off the East end of Cat at The Holiday weekend has sport boats in search of the tunas-- a coastal water temp chart and chlorophyll composite of over the past 8 days. Long Beach Carnage- off the East End of Avalon ch 11 VHF - had live squid for sale E-Mail from Warren mobile slots no deposit free spins back up hill from the Cape-- First item, BEWARE!

We had to rethink our fueling plans and fill up in San Big fish casino slow network first thing when arriving in Mag Bay and also to limit the fuel we must get at Turtle Bay.

FISHING - We got a nice yellowfin just before we passed Cabo on the way out. Nothing more till the double 23's where we got nine nice yellows on bait. Photo of Capt Bill and Mate Cain with a sample tail. Pretty cold water all the way and lots of red crabs up to Cedros. A few blues and one yellowfin-- off our starboard side we just had a school swim by-- how you day going-- cool-- 1: Several boats headed to Catalina this morning getting a start on the holiday weekends Avalon moorings.

E-Mail this morning asking about the currents and what web site to use. Chlorophyll charts over the last two years for this time of big fish casino slow network - and this years. This year a big push from the northwest of cooler offcolor water driven by these Spring Northwest Pacific storms. Good sea bass and yellows and Halibuts coming from the Channel Islands Windy shoreline coastal marine layer drawn inland by the lands heat and sunny weather. Strong coastal downhill currents runs from the upper San Pedro Channel southwards to below Dana and Carlsbad and onwards to below San Diego reaching and average of 0.

Took my small skiff out yesterday- with hopes of a swordfish or opah bite - found a likely looking high spot along the 1, ft dropoff outside Abalone Pt. Building tides with the new moon aproaching! Stand By we're due!

Coastal fog -- I hadn't expected it - extends in and out mid channel. And massive amounts of bait schools seen inside Clemente island-- promising-- dozens and dozens of boats out this morning.

E Mail- Hey JD! Saw this guy cruising around just about 3 mi off Dana on our way home from Avalon this morning. Fun to see it though as we were able to get right on top of it. Seals pretty much covered up the "Cove" at Clemente. How ya doing out on the 43'-- marked something down around 60 ft down-- --not a lot of paddies-- not a lot of anything Fishing at Catalina-- only fair -- water temps big fish casino slow network the backside 60 degrees, a few smaller yellows, calico, bonita- the weather only fairhe said if you got big fish casino slow network in that slop --wasn't fun but travelable Took a walk out to the fuel dock this afternoon-- B ertram 37 having just came big fish casino slow network from Catalina said they had good fishing for themselves, picked up the squid there at the big fish casino slow network and fished the East end of the island around the backside a bit- - 35 ft off water - released two Giant Black Sea Bass, caught a nice sized Halibut, was able to land three nice Yellowtails above the 20 lb mark lost others and lost the biggest to a seal right next to the boat--.

Fair days ahead- warming weather- sky's blue, light south wind, seas are becoming settled, more sea life will show up than being reported. A fitting good by catch-- - headed back up hill - E Mail this morning - Leaving Friday tomorrow for home. Did a little shake down fishing trip this morning and got this nice 35 wahoo caught by Marc Bacon. See you soon, Warren JewelLure III. The weather window looks promising until next Wednesday and into the weekend it'll blow up to the typical 25 check this out stuff between anchorages.

Whale watchers- now dolphn watchers still searching for whales- a blue seen a couple days ago was the last one seen. Couple more nice White Big fish casino slow network Bass weighted at the BAC today-- they're backit takes that extra time and effort for these fish-- and good technique helps. Have a great weekend-- several boats out today looking for the Bluefins- - Private sportfisher worked the 43 Bank-- report fair conditions - water 63 degrees not real blue-- no kelps at all-- they flew the kites and Yummee, good practice.

Several other private boats are headed out this weekend to seek the tunas. Light wind from the west-- hazy blue sky- seas fair and receiving- still that big fish casino slow network sea state, no great white shark reports yet today Where that whale go?

San Clemente Island Security's web site shows the "Cove"inside and much of the island open this weekend, today's schedule shows it active from 7 am till 5 pm today and tomorrow- big fish casino slow network boats were there today fishin.

Don't let that big one go away-- due to angler error - - The BAC will be hosting a Knot Tying seminar-- Mark your calendar! Join IGFA and BAC for a free knot tying event Saturday, June 10th at Assisting will be IGFA International Game Fish Assn.

Southern California Representatives Sally Kurz and Wendy Tochihara along BAC Board Member Teri Holland. Limited to 45 anglers -- first come read article served. Not much said on the radio- again sport boats fishing the East end of Cat and the East end of Clemente for the tails- nice weather improving daily Morning clouds breaking overhead by 10, Still abundant to the west and southwest clouds- wind- fresh from the south as that eddy comes in brings light wind chop.

Swell from the west- mixed sea. Not much in the way of tide movements this week, we'll have to leave it up to the ocean currents to see what they bring us- - of interest a couple of Stick boats cane in the harbor yesterday-- one, it's harpoon and rigging gear still hung off it's pulpit.

A lot of billfish and game fish tournaments are held in Baja or Mexico this time big fish casino slow network year-- Anglers, in the know bring down their own baitsBallyhoos and even squid to assure them their best chances at winning and not have to relay on the questionable availability of local baits. OFFSHORE WATERS WITHIN NM OF MEXICO Fresh to locally strong northwest winds are Sylter atrium casino für off the coast of the Baja California peninsula, with gentle to moderate winds prevailing elsewhere off the coast of southwest Mexico.

Winds are light and gentle over the Gulf of California. Seas are in the 6 to 7 ft range off the coast of the Big fish casino slow network California peninsula, 4 to 6 ft over the remainder of the offshore waters off southwest Mexico, and 1 to 2 ft over the Gulf of California.

A fresh set of northwesterly winds will produce seas to 9 ft off the coast of Baja California Norte beginning this evening, with seas to 10 ft along and north of 30N. These seas will subside big fish casino slow network less than 8 ft on Friday. Broken cloud cover- light check this out wind 6- 7 kts still a little roily out there-- water temps holding at 60 to 63 degrees Foxi Lady Report- Costa Rica-- Re: Tagging - We have been tagging with the Billfish Foundation since the early 90's.

In we received 7 returned tags. The other fish was a sail tagged in Costa Rica and it travelled to Peru. Since that time after 13 big fish casino slow network, Today the Billfish Foundation contacted us to notify us that a tag we had placed in A blue marlin was recaptured after only 4 days after the angler Rich Palys released it We tagged the fish at a fad approximately 80 miles out to sea. The interesting thing about this is that the fish never left the fad, staying close to the food chain even after being caught and released.

Kind of different behavior than we see in the great marlin race. Sand basses, a few Calico and threshers sharks were making the fish counts so far today. Wind stayed in that eddy effect-- Here in Newport South for most of the day Up next- another 10 more Shimano's, couple more Penn's and several others.

Remarkably in almost every one there's something that has gone amisshandle get frozenbearings and gears wear out, hidden salt corrosion, loose screws etc.

It's the little things that can go wrong, the dog meltdown slots big fish casino slow network old grease that hardens while it's in the free-wheeling position -not good- Take a few minutes before heading out click sea to check the reel, see if it has problems.

Give us a call or drop by for reel and rod big fish casino slow network JD. Lot's of sheep out there turned nasty mid morning He said it's pretty rolly out here-- seas have a West Swell and a southwest eddy wind mostly clear sky's, a few horizon clouds and some marine cloud cover to the west southwest. More sealife seen above the harbor this morning- birds, seals, dolphins, great whites Yikes!

He said he's seen at least three fish come over the rail, maybe another one, guy had the gaff outlost one WSB himself at the boat- line parted- frozen squid pinned on a white salas jig hung big fish casino slow network -5 feet off the bottom- just bobbin up and down in that swell- worse early on this morning- then better in big fish casino slow network source time big fish casino slow network the wind switched-- by noon it has started to blow out of the west pretty good.

Thresher sharks and White Sea Basses--lots of macks around easy to make bait there- - a dozen boats in the area- Newport Reef.

Whale watchers say lots of bait right outside the harbor's entrance- Newport. Tail hooked threshers, by the time you get big fish casino slow network to the boat it's exhausted to the point it may not survive a nd the opportunity to releases it gets limited- JD.

Overcast morning-- calm seas H opes of local seabass hadn't materialized as well for those who had spent their time out there over the past few days-- one yesterday- not much else that I heard of - the boys fished south of the harbor this morning for nada-- it looked good - good current flow- baits around- -- stand by.

Their Web site shows the island open this weekend too. Hey JD, We had a successful day yesterday with the sea bass. Bite went red hot for about an hour with favorable conditions and we went 3 for 5 on them on the mid incoming tide. Big fish casino slow network the first one swim up to the boat chasing the bait, so we knew they were there and it didn't take long for more to continue reading. Long Beach Carnage was still selling the live squids out front of Avalon- 9: Windy Windy-- chased most boats off the water by noon- a few whale watchers still out Short lived-- but the earlest recored for the Hurrcaine Season-- Stand By!

The system has been devoid of significant deep convection since yesterday afternoon, so it is being declared a remnant low on this advisory. Pacific Carnage here off Avalon has Plenty of Live Squid "right here in front of Avalon"- Blue Whale reported 3 off the Balboa Pier yesterday-- -- Stand By Early in the Hurricane Season Tuesdays Report Cloudy overcast light south at 2 kts- seas had a bump early on but calming mid morninglight wind ruffle on the water.

A call comes in this morning - on his boat Tipp www ladyluckcasino Uebungcn about whether or not San Clemente Island was open for fishing over the next couple of days- - they were headed to Catalina to top off with the squids they run over and spend three days at Clemente- - but sorry to report the San Clemente Island Security 's web site shows the island Pyramid Cove pretty much off limits for today, tomorrow and Thursday, closed Friday from 6am till midnight and 12 please click for source till midnight on Sat.

Filling moon phase should bring out the best check this out the White Sea Bass fishermen- and I'd guess better bite on the Bluefin big fish casino slow network traditionally their counts improves with the waxing of the moon- Stand By this week! What bird life and bait marks found yesterday locally were gone today You've got to sacrifice tackle, timesleep and health if you don't want the sea gods against you- be careful of the bad luck "Black Cloud" - it may be contagious.

Costa Rica report from the Foxi Lady- - fishing the Fish Aggregate Device s off the coastline privately funded FAD's. Well the trip started out kind of slow, some rain squalls but not here. The marina has placed 4 new Fads a nd we wanted to check them out. We started at the Imperial Fad about miles out spent about half a day there releasing 1 small blue. We decided to move to the big fish casino slow network mile fad got there about 5 pm and raised 3 catching 1 before dark.

Next da y the tuna club boys shined!! Fishing with 4 teasers big fish casino slow network 2 big fish casino slow network we raised 17 had 11 bites, catching 7. It just cannot get any better. Note; Two privately funded for the general public FAD's have been set here off So. Not much on the radio today- - another day on serving reels, a pair of Penn Int. Remember next weekends is Mom's Day She might want a Flat fall lure-- who knew! Spring Storm the called it-- rolling in from the south later today-- blowing out of the west as it clears out later this evening Coast whale watchers were happy to see dolphins and report very bumpy seas Reports that the Bluefin Tunas will be here in great masses sets the big fish casino slow network to have these reels ready-- Gluck JD.

May Gray sky-- still overcast mid morning- wind - very light west seas mellow Wind and showers forecasted for the weekend. With yesterdays E-Mail from Owen about seeing all the velella velella," Little Sailors " and the influx of Mola Mola- one would have to deduce there was a flow of water from the south pushing these little critters and they mates towards So Calif.

Reports of Bluefin in great numbers- spotter planes research vessels say Fishing the Cape-- Bacco scores well big fish casino slow network the tunas, Dennis and Patty. Sharkers continue to fish for the Thresherssounds like off the ponit Dana?

Reports from up North-- Salmon There big fish casino slow network a little bite out of Morro Bay yesterday My biggest this year. Hello Geoff, Great news! More details to follow shortly. Best regards, Bob Kurz IGFA Trustee CCA-California Board of Directors HIBT-IGMR Event Coordinator MABT-IGMR Event Coordinator. Hey JD, Hope you week is going well.

Fished the 9 mile bank yesterday for nothing but the motherload of mola mola haha. They were everywhere eating the velella velella. Wondering if you could post this flyer on your reports page. There have been a lot of threshers off San Diego recently Another nice day here in Newport- - weathers good, not much wind, maybe knts from the south- boats out offshore chasing the tunas and inshore the White Sea Bass in the coastal kelps and the islands were holding halibuts, yellowtails and the kelp basses - looks good for a couple of days then late Friday into Sunday- turns nasty.

Whale watching boats reported s eeing elephant seal a good sign for swordfishnorthern seals and harbor seals and a dolphins on their morning trip Years gone past yet the tried and true methods still work -- Giant White Sea Bass were suckers for a shinny spoon slow trolled along the kelp beds with or without a flyingfish, mackerel or squid pinned on it. Photos shows several big fish casino slow network shinny enticerstop a Pflueger Record -7 with a replaceable hook atatcvhment centered is a Knowles Automatic "Striker" A unique lure with the Pat.

I was big fish casino slow network 50 ft away from you when you got bit a late afternoon scratchy report What color-- purple? Shark fishers-- lbers. A regular May Lots el mejor casino online del mundo wichtigste Day- Coastal fog lingering along the shoreline- cleans up offshore and brightens mid morning - light south wind 4- 7 kts.

The Giant White Sea Bass are around-- 70 lb class stuff, use the rope! From here to San Matao pt. Long Beach Carnage is outside Avalon had plenty of Live Squid for sale "come on by"- he says-- ch 11 VHF. This Past Weekend was the BAC's Lily Call bay fishing tournament-- just like Wicked Tuna with all the suspense, glamour, competitiveness, the rewards and defeat -- all that and more that can click at this page. Watching for that tale -tale nibble of the rod's tip - then the rip of line as it peals out.

Is it the right kind? Will the big fish casino slow network hold up and fearful the hook wont pul l out at the last minute, it's not done until it's put in the boat-- measuring tape comes out and jubilant cheers as it's a legal catch, ah-- but the s cales will tale the tale. Saturday's weather turned wicked with wind driving anglers to seek shelter anywhere. Hot spots are jockey'ed for and hard to give up. Peace and quiet came late Saturday evening as that weather backed off leaving only the hardy remaining on the water.

Sundays morning broke clear and blue with a hot day in promise. The Croakers were non existent the first day with only one small Spotfin and a legal sized Yellowfin weighed in on Sunday, Bass catchers were fair and 2 lb stuff were caught -the highlights - Halibut- the tough fish over the past few years were here this year-- a early on 4 lb fish took the lead, later topped by a 5 lb fish and last a 6 lb fish.

Awards at the Coup was fun a bunch of goodies given away and burgers and dogs the meal. Wind from the southeast all morning long-- light haze wind chop sloppy from the south mixed into a West Swell - yuck. Full rebuilt in with less than hours.

FULLY big fish casino slow network for west coast style fishing: Innkeeper worms, grass big fish casino slow network ghost Shrimp all work well for the Croakers and Corbinas.

Basses aren't selective, they eat all above as well as take trolled deep diving plugs, spinner bladed casted lures, plastics and Gulp baits all work and don't, Gluck-JD.

Several years ago the did big fish casino slow network dredging of the harbor. Morning gray ho slot away, light south wind 5- 6 kts- she have that West Swell and a south mixed sea with the wind chop on it- Tides full this evening with the New Big fish casino slow network Party boats hugging the East end of Catalina-- Bonito and a shot at the Yellows.

This boat has our new SK 3 12v gyro. Offshore weather forecast for tomorrow and Friday - Blowing-- Sailflow shows i t 25 knts West Check this out afternoon between Newport and Catalina Better as a Santa Ana comes in Sat and a light west on Sunday.

New Moon tomorrow night- strong tide exchange- Stand by for a quake? She's a blowing-- mid day a strong 20 knts- Backed off towards sunset. This coming weekend is the BAC 's Lily Call bay this traditional tournament for 54 year s. There's some legal halibuts being big fish casino slow network in the bay-- Bass fishing been improving steadily as this water warms and cleans up- not sure it there ar e many Spotfin Croakers around, there are Yellowfin Croaker and with water improving some nice healthy looking Corbina are there for the take, it best to anchor and fish the soft big fish casino slow network for them- -- a check with Newport Harbor Patrol and their anchoring policy in the harbor while fishing in the bay A special allowance has been made by the Harbor Dept to the BAC to allow anchorage in "out of the way" locations, Note: All Boats are requested to fly a BAC Yellow Flag and Obey all Right of Way Rules, harbor regulations and boating laws, do not impede or interfere with the normal flow of boat traffic.

Southwest wind and bumpy seas greeted this mornings guest-- not too bad - fishable but some mixed sea to it- seas are warming and prospects look better each day. Tons of anchocies, bait balls being chasaed by the pods of dolphins outside South Laguna- whale watching boat reports Despite wind against the current at this morning anchorage on the hot seabass spots- Arron boats a nice seabass today. OK boys and girls get you pencils together- FAD Fish Aggregation Device E-Mail today JD, We have deployed a second Fad this past weekend.

We deployed another Fad late last season. The location of the the first fad is 33' This most recent Fad's numbers this weekend are 33' This fad is located on the In order to continue this program into the future we need feed back on anglers experience at these locations.

We are in the process of putting together a web site to make it very easy for people to give us a report. I will be sending you that info shortly. The next caesar free slots brings a lot to Guts casino bonus Harbor-- Closest near my location to Ensenada Sailboat Regatta kick big fish casino slow network on Wed.

Sunny Day-- light south wind mixed swell - building- lots of boats out-- Squid boat selling squids at Catalina. Boats out ranging from the - and beyond looking-- only small yellows so far, under kelps The day starts off with radio big fish casino slow network speaking of roaming Bluefin tunas-- Stand By! Newport's bait receiver says they've got " sardines and a mix of smaller sardines and inch anchovies, couple of nights ago the big fish casino slow network boat was able to get a load of squid and put it in the San Pedro's receivers- last nights south groundswell didn't allow for a successful set on the squid so the got eh fin bait instead-- great for bass and halibuts Big fish casino slow network hooked it, I pulled hard, got it to the boat like in 2 minutes, we got a solid gaff in it and then I'm not sure what happened-- my big shot at the boat -- it was so close, he was big fish casino slow network there would have been a good none- - over a hundred- yea click here was about the size we got last year-- oh look there's another kelp paddy- - yea that was the real deal!

I need a helicopter!! They were the big boys-- twice they swam under us-- I don't know if they monsters--we didn't get em' - they're in that defense mode- -- metered a bowling ball sized school. Tony hooked big fish casino slow network couple on the foamers Big fish casino slow network of you-- where those boat were slapping jigs-- they got a couple 1: Next weekends the Lily Call bay tournament- -- just when the Bluefin start to show up better well fish the bay this weekend and go after the bigger fish the following week-- they'll be bigger then!

The one were were seeing this morning were marking higher got a half dozen hamatchies and a couple of those bigger bonitos. Hear me now how about now-- - pretty impressing show but we haven't got one yet-- - if we get the timing down we'll get one -- where you at big fish casino slow network all you yachts look the same hanging with everybody-- spots up and down 2: What a phenomenal seas we've had for the past two or three years-- the pre warming El Nino years with Striped Marlins thick off the Channel Islandsthen the year of Wahoo and Blue Marlins everywhere and last years remarkable and challanging Bluefin Tuna s, as it looks very favorable so far this year-- The Club the Tuna Club of Avalon marked this past week with their Annual Awards, recognizing their members catches of last season.

The Club was founded on the Blue tuna, "Leapers big fish casino slow network the Sea" they were called, they were challanges then, a hundred years have passed and their still a challang e-- the club members strive for Button Awards and Trophies and this years Awards were something else.

In one year almost as many were given out as the past 75 years - and it looks like the tunas are here for another year-- -- With the forecast leaning towards another w arming El Nino trend this coming Summer and maybe even earier than that-- better fish for them while they're still here- big fish casino slow network.

We got a few good casts big fish casino slow network that one-- never got a bite- - did you? Fished the bay late yesterday afternoon- - plenty of smaller bass around - waters have cleaned up a lot and much of that algae has withered way and seeing more and more bird life, diving pelicans and terns in the harbor.

Sportboats were working south out of SD just outside the upper hidden bank, below the and generally in the Lots of whales around today-- pods of big fish casino slow network, three and four at big fish casino slow network time heading north Water warming big fish casino slow network boat out on the 14 Mile Bank today said it looked real fishy to him blue and lots of bait around Nice morning, a few lingering clouds inshore- light marine haze on the waters seas not bad and wind light norge casino online the southwest-- due to blow again later today West.

Hi JD, I was out on Monday in the Dana Point area when I got a nice one. Looks like its going to be a great season. Thanks for all the advice over the years Thanks Jeff F. Local Bait receiver here in Newport received anchovies - great for the calicos and sand bass and halibuts-- they hope to make set tonight on local squid off Newport-- they've found them quick in that big fish casino slow network water- big fish casino slow network to catch!

Received this E mail over the past weekend Off of Avalon Friday. Went just over 40'bs. There was a school an acre wide got it in a swim bait after 45 minutes. Pre Fished the bay yesterday afternoon- not much of a tide to get things stirred up, tough to get much in the way of smelt for live bait-- but persistence pays off with a few good sized baits-- caught one small halibut for the day-- bays cleaning up. The Bluefin bite seems to center on meter marks and dropping down lures quickly and yo- yo fashion to get the majority of the bites, Shimano Flat Fall butterfly jigs being the current "Hot" lure.

Getting them deep quickly as meter marks are made. Flat Fall lures when released freely to " Fall" on their own tend to tumble, flutter and big fish casino slow network sideways.

It's shape is designed especially to do this, spending more time in the "Strike Zone" yet all this fluttering will slow down it's decent so it's hard to get the lure to big fish casino slow network depths quickly. JD's Tip-- keep a very light tension on the line as it freespools out, it'll keep the lure vertical and drop much quicker.

And Shimano's pre-made Wind-on Big fish casino slow network are a quick and simple method to attach the Flat Falls- JD. Easter Sunday didn't stop the fleet from fishing the coastal Sea Basses-- Marshall Q.

This mornings AM radio fish talk show had representives from the Seakeeper company. Seakeeper is a " Gyro big fish casino slow network stabilizer" to a boat- - remarkable device that may change production on all vessels to be made worldwide! I was strongly impressed on the way it relieves wear an tear on ones self. The skies were clear- blue and a light cool wind right out of the South-- Big West Swell Choppy out there Water looks dirty along the coastline - Blowing up a Gale on the outside Long Beach Carnage out front of the City of Avalon has live squid for sale -- will be there till about sundown then move around to the back side of the island and can be hailed via VHF radio ch Long Beach Carnage-- says He'll be selling squid at least till Sunday and maybe Monday They grows fairly slowly, taking 9 to 13 years to reach sexual maturity.

Males usually mature earlier than females, at around 9 to 10 years age. Tides are starting to flatten out Bay waters improving- with more and more big fish casino slow network that green slimy algae starting to breakup and wash away in the tides Big fish casino slow network on the Lily Call Newport Harbor fishing tournaments coming up at the end of this month- limited to 75 anglers almost half full already-- Call the club BAC to sign up- -- or call the club if you's like to help sponsor the tournament with a raffle prize- the club welcomes it greatly- thanks JD.

Nice Day a few morning coastal clouds that went away- wind, very light from the southeast 2- 3 knts, seas fine and calm- all due to change this evening as this front moves through. A casino knokke dolphinsshe said referring to the sighting of them off the Dana Strands-- Gray Whales also showing in tight to the beach as they make their way northward.

Moring hazy sky- wind light from the south seas calm with a lump from the west-- water turned cooler with offcolore green to red tide Weather bouy check this morning-- San Pedros bouys Full moon tonight-- for fun if you've a pair of the gyros-- check out the moon Sand Bass bit big fish casino slow network in yesterdays afternoon incoming tide and the filling moon.

Sand and calico bass -- good fishing for them with the live squids-- - lbers, Boats targeting the White Sea Bass along out coastline have shots at them with the squirts, a 54 lb fish weighed at the BAC this afternoon. This time of year there's a lot of Sailboat and Crew Rowing Regattas going on they also big fish casino slow network ch 72 - give them some curiosities.

Outside the Coronado Islands boats targeting yellowtails amd thresher sharks. Long Beach Carange squid boat out front of Avalon -- plenty of bait Hey Click the following article Hope all is well.

Here's a picture of Michael with his first White Seabass. We went 4 for 6 on this grade of fish in 30 minutes. The green "seabass line" you spooled us up with accounted for 5 of the 6 bites. Thanks for the great tips as always! Building moon and warming climate bodes well for this week's fishing maybe some weather approaching this next weekend. Dolphins and whales below Newport to Dana -- did you hear what happened to that one last night?

Fog developed of the backside of the island this morning-- the Offshore Challenge Calico Bas s tournament continues - on facebook through SWBA. Boats working below big fish casino slow network border-- a few yellows under paddies and the odd report of fish on a big fish casino slow network plug and a feather.

Back side of the island was a little slow for us-- barracudas and one small yellowlost a nice bass at the swimstep. Weather stayed fair all day high wispy clouds denote some wind aloft, undersea- fair on the fishing - might be some squid around-- watch for birds and dolphins on them. Sat's reportHe who ventures aside from the accepted groves of believe lays himself open not alone to jibes, but to direct attack habe فيلم casino royale Jersey his veracity.

Blue skies, calm wind and seas have layed down, still a west swell remains but much better than yesterday- - East End of Catalina had boats fishing for the yellowsothers out towrds the cornor of the border crossing seeking kelps and tales or tuna fishes.

Beep Beep we're Markin em', beep, beep -- sounded like scenes from Wicked Tuna! Other's out on the report not much happend for them -- so far- some activity on the - One boat found em' said he was further west than eveyone, playing with yellows- one stop shopping-- good marks down below looks like tuna deep at Whale off So Laguna had a crab trap stuck on it's face - whale watching boat logiciel casino if someone could get a grappling hook on it and jank it off, thinking they might pull it offor-- maybe they'd get a fight of their lives!

Reports from Down Under New Zealand shows their angling clubs involved with some good sizes Yellowfin Tunas and Broadbill Swordfish on the bite. What are the chances of having two pending World Records in two consecutive days?? Perseverance finally paid off for Guy with a pending World Record of Boats traveling to Catalina at 18 off the beach- report ft swell tight together 8- 10 seconds apart- The Offshore Challenge - has its challenges already-- generally smaller craft are involved, Aka, Bass boats- with the start tomorrow morning off the backside of Catalina they were headed over there today-- taking it slow and making headway in this afternoon's slop.

Blue hazy sky this morninga little more marine haze to it-- wind freshened from the south, 4- 10 kts, the rumble of the whale watching boat rattles down the harbor as it heads out for the day, loaded with noisy kids- -- wait till they find some seas We just had a breacher- only did it once- - whale watching off Laguna-- There's been a steady sightings of them all this week.

Please bring a pound outfit for the smaller fish and pound 2 speed outfit because fish up to were sighted. Taro recommends flatfall, colt sniper jigs and flurocarbon line. Received in the mail this afternoon a surprise sample any sample form a fishing tackle mfg.

Fishing Catalina fait to good for a big fish casino slow network of fishes, bass, good bottom grabbers, some smaller yellowssea bass nice conditions. This coming weekend is the 10th Annual California Offshore Challenge. April April a prestigious 2-day calico bass event.

We will be posting more COC details including pre-registration incentives. Several boats out today taking advantage of the morning's calm weather-- light southwest wind kts-- seas flat but cooled off from yesterdays afternoon blow Keep you boating safty equipment and correct paperwork on board the Coast Guard is making sure all the boaters comply with regulations- their checking.

E-Mail from down South Hannibal Bank from Rodne. Coastal fishing fair to good for the basses-- quite a few boats out - E mail from Trent- Finally had a couple free hours go get the boys out. Caught a few Calicos and this Grumpy on the plastics at the Pipe. Jimmy ran to the island today with a birthday trip for his clients- said very good calico big fish casino slow network fishing for them. Nice weather conditions-- fishing fair in the catches degree- it's still coming off winter give it a couple more moons to develope.

Still time to work on your boat for the up-comming season-Watch go here the wind to blow again-- sorry. For current bait info, call the barge directly at Catalina OK-- fishing a few smaller White Sea bass caught-- calicos ok- wind against current last night for anchorage- 20 kts-- a Couple of thunderheads poking their heads above the inner-coastal mountains this morning -- clear otherwise as the west wind strengthens - Small Craft Advisory this afternoon By the late afternoon hours the wind had backed off to a steady still west- improving over the next day before this weekend.

Broken blue sky to the west as this front clears out. Seas have a west wind chop to them followed by a west swell, building. Stayed a stiff west wind for the remainder of the day-- water turned off color - and temps dropped. End of next month April is the Lily Call Bay fishing tournament- 4 lb test only-- Corbina, Croaker, Bass and Halibut the species sought after-- F riday night Midnight till Sunday 2 pm.

Presented by the Balboa Angling Club it's limited to only 75 anglers, Applications available on the BAC's web site or most local angling shops, JD's has them too! Should big fish casino slow network gone fishing the day off but big fish casino slow network to do yard work-- Now I find out they were biting-- White Sea Bass finally moved in after months and months of waiting - it pays off, Vick puts spielcasino monaco Grumpies were biting too -.

Still biting today-- with another oneNates 56 lb fish taken with a live mackeral. Hi JD, The Zane Grey Caribbean Boats International Tournament concluded with 4 Sat tags implanted for the IGFA Great Marlin Race.

The winning weighed fish was a Blue Marlin by junior angler Dylan White at lbs on Overall the fishing has been slower than average due, in part, to lower water temp and weather as we have had more rain since records were first taken.

It will be interesting to see how the Broadbill season goes in the next few months. Late April through June over the years has been our best time.

The wind will preclude deep drift fishing the later in the season as that has been our experience but worth going out as the fish seem to be bigger. What's that Green stuff growing in the bay! With the Bluefins starting to show up again- - a couple of questions big fish casino slow network to mind do they or did they spawn here this past year or so?

And was there some archival tagging studies done? Hey JD, Good questions. The short answer is we did not find any evidence of spawning here in recent years, or historically. Some of the lb males I collected in were "functionally mature" but not actively spawning.

But we need more big fish casino slow network from this season to confirm this. If we see fish over lbs again and I can increase our sample size. Getting samples off these fish has proved to be difficult. I wish there was a way to get more people interested in the science.

In terms if they migrated back to the Western Pacific we don't know yet. It appears that some of them stayed in the Southern CA Bight as big fish casino slow network Mexican longline boats have been landing fish over lbs this month. But those could have been younger fish that got bigger over the past few months. That said yes people from Stanford tagged fish over lbs in Both with archival and pop off satellite tags. As far as I know the data from those tags has not been transmitted yet.

I think they were programmed to stay on the fish for over 8 months to answer this questio n. So they might not have popped off yet. Once they pop off and Stanford gets the data it will take a while for them to analyze it.

It is generally accepted that Pacific bluefin tuna only spawn in two regions in the western Pacific After hatching, a portion of the young bluefin migrate to the eastern Pacific Ocean to forage and grow.

These bluefin big fish casino slow network return to the western Pacific Ocean as big fish casino slow network approach sexual maturity at around years old feet in length.

However, in recent years fish that are potentially old enough to be mature have remained in just click for source eastern Pacific for longer than usual, prompting new research and questions. One of our main objectives is to examine gonads from these fish to see if they are mature and determine if they are spawning offshore of California. While gonads collected so far have not exhibited developed ovaries or any evidence of spawning, we need more samples to be conclusive.

To participate, please contact: Owyn Snodgrass, Fisheries Biologist NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center La Jolla Shores Drive, La Jolla, CA Owyn. With the reports of the bigger Bluefins still possible, there's a few more boat out after them every day now Balboa Angling Club held their Annual Meeting and Awards for the catches, among some of the noted catches were 30 lb Halibuts by Kathy Ecklund on 30lb line, Grant Garretts lb Bluefin Tuna on 80 lb tackle, Tom Pfleger's Outstanding Angler of the year Award went to Paul Hoofe - Congratulations to all the anglers and participants in the Club, it's been a fun season with hopes of continued good fishing this coming season.

Guest Speakers at the Awards were Research Scientists Chugey Sepulvida and "Scoots" Scott Aalbers from the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research PIER with Swordfish and White Sea Bass as the subjects. Of notes, Swordfish swim fast and far-- tagging this past year shows a Swordfish tagged here traveled almost to the Marquesas Island4, miles in only two months time!

Their larva has to have 78 degree or warmer water for them to survive, so they spawn in tropical warm waters. Their eyes have a mussel that helps to heat their eyeballs enabling them better vision in the deep dark water at deepWhen they do surface, " Basking" to warm up is for approximately only 20 minutes out of the day and are almost blinded by a bright sunny day and they're hard to hook and land!

A 40 lb fish is now estimated at 18 years old. Only the males "Croak" and most big fish 55 or heaver are females. And most importations there seems under recent studies to show a decline in the populations with now management concerns. Educations is always a good thing JD. Weather overcast morning slowly goes away by noon to fill back in again mid late afternoon - June Gloom.

WHO NEEDS A MOTHER SHIP?? This picture taken by Bob D 3 years ago. We were miles out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica at the mile FAD. The sport boat was the "TYPHOON" out of Golifito. Just when you think atlantic city casinos abandoned have seen it all!!!!

Send the crew out to the fishing grounds-- then send out the guest via seaplane - fish for most of the day then click the following article back home! Whales better showing today-- still the bird and sealife off Dana miles. Another nice day in pleasantville- blue sky, calm seas with a slight West wind ruffle on light green water.

Trade Show response has been good with lot to look at and enough rods and reels and tackle to fill all the boats with! This months Sportfishing Tide Calendar features Tracy Decker with a nice 5 lb Spotfin Croaker taken with a innkeeper worm out of Newport Harbor-they like natural baits such as mussel, clams, worms and shrimps Big fish casino slow network months Lily Call bay tournament contestants will try for these tough battlers as well as the corbinas, halibuts and bass all on 4lb test line!

Finding these Innkeeper worms and ghost shrimps and clams will be a little harder. Give the BAC a call if you'd like to fish it-- JD. Wind- west came up after noon-- stayed steady 15 fro most of the day-- not many folks out- warming trend due-- we'll see how much it effects the fish. This mornings AM radio fish talk show was about the upcoming Fred Hall extravaganza which opens on Wed's.

My how it's big fish casino slow network over the years-- one of the speakers, Mike L, spoke of a reel he helped contribute to-- one of the first baitcaster's on the market by Shimano, the original Bantam Mike spoke of working big fish casino slow network a hunting and fishing retail store and the Shimano salesman ask him to test big fish casino slow network a new product for them- That original test model will be featured at the show adjacent to Shimano's newest product.

Clear blue sky this morning, big fish casino slow network the crafty and hearty they were up early big fish casino slow network fished the filling tide on local spots at sunrise- good bass fishing for them I hear.

Seas calmed down- light south wind at 1- maybe kts- water temps San Pedro Buoy- D -- it's been wide open here for us todaywe must have released 80 bass so far hitting the plastics good current running-- that's great-- what color plastic red flake on a 1 oz head -- sweet-- thanks for the report, how's that swell out there - 3 ft and a long ways apart -- thanks again-- goodluck! Great White Shark-- closing the Huntington Beach beaches 12 ft'er seen Detailed information regarding these changes is listed below: Current IGFA International Angling Rules state: This is also contrary to IGFA angling rules for fly fishing where the catch is categorized based on the breaking strength of the class tippet, which must be a minimum big fish casino slow network 15 inches.

To address this issue, IGFA here be making the following alterations to Equipment Regulation A: T he use of backing is permissible.

The catch shall be classified under the breaking strength big fish casino slow network the first This section must be comprised of a single, homogenous piece of line. Good day to clean out the back room! Backroom surprises-- in a couple of doubled bagged paper bags- a bunch of older reels and lure- The packaging say the Danny Swimming lure is the ultimate in surface casting plugs, thru wire construction, tail hook dressed with natural deer hair and silver mylar, it's stronger wood and epoxy paint makes it more durableFor big fish casino slow network use: As the plug hits the water, give the rod a short upward jerk causing the plug to splash gently, now start your retrieve at a pace that causes the plug to swim - leaving a gentle S shape wakethe gentle splash should be repeated every five or six feet.

Just the thing for those Bluefin last summer. Also a pair of handmade Stan Gibbs Lures35 Olds Plymouth Rd, Buzzards Bay, RFD Mass that sport cupped or scooped shaped heads. Odd diamond shaped jigs for the cods, one sporting alligator ridge lines down it 's backsides - cool stuff! Private sportfishers off the Cape- wanting to head north waiting to find windows of weather. With the threat of rain-- lobster fishermen were out setting traps Sad to hear of one of big fish casino slow network few remaining Fishing Tackle Wholesalers going out of business this month, Fisherman's Wholesale now joins the ranks of the past supplies of that precious commodity we grew up with.

Gone are Munson Sporting Goods who's reps traveled from shop to shop bringing wonders from abroad, California Hardwaredowntown LA's New York Hardware and America Hardware's 3 and 4 inch thick catalogs where you could get a sleeping big fish casino slow network, camping lantern, rope, appliances, door hinges, vermin traps, nails, hammers along with all the guns, ammo and fishing gear you'd big fish casino slow network, S.

The choices we as retailers have to offer becomes limited. Ye' old sporting goods store has changed. At least I got the bottom scrapped clean, then righted her again and scrubbed out -- We'll see about the engine- She's a bit waterlogged for now, but's she'll dry out and be the click at this page old jolly boat she was-- Right on the button - the shop hereit's foundation resting on the beach sand- feels recipient of the offshore naval big fish casino slow network boom- boom-- boom the walls transfer its vibrations-- big fish casino slow network a check with the San Clemente Island Security shows right on reviews starspins Full Circle a 40' Pacific Bluefin Sportfisher is located in the beautiful Puerto Los Cabos marina.

I wasn't click ready to clean big fish casino slow network bottom of my boat just yet- -- having archived that "right" amount of camouflage on her- but Mother Natures does what she want to-- - and flipped her over during last Sundays Nights blow-- - She's on a shore mooring-- I had pulled her up high on the big fish casino slow network during the previous' afternoon high tide and snugged her tight to the mooring can, Somehow or another she flipped completly over in big fish casino slow network wind, rain and tides, the Harbor Patrol calls-- they tried source right here but she was too heavy - I guess all I can do now is get her righted again as that tide drops later today and dry her out-- engine will need work and a lot of sunshine will help - guess it read article to clean and paint the bottom too.

Sloppy south wind today many boats turned around- it's the middle of January! JD's offers this same set up for sale. Thoughts on Pacific Bluefin Tunas-- will they be here this coming Spring season like last year where they never left our waters due to the abundance of food -Red Crabs a holdover form the previous year and the water conditions were favorable for them to stay here-- they just got larger. Couple of thoughts -- were their many 30 lb Bluefins seen found? That's a good question - I think still being studied now.

Fishing was a little this web page and water a off color. Three days for 2 blues and and tuna up to Back to Cabo for the last day for 4 stripers. Looking forward to a couple months there next year. Aboard were Bob M, Curt H and Jeff H. On board we had the good Dr Brennock and Bob Ballenger. We decided to check out a couple of the fads on our way. We raised 57 blue marlin, had 36 bites and caught There is a saying, "Don't Leave em to Find em" We never made it to Panama, Oh well maybe next yearNice sunset-- let hope some anglers get out for the BAC-- big fish casino slow network fish Flags are still open-- Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, Big fish casino slow network, etc-- Good luck this weekend- JD Thursdays report Light rain showers, wind from the south 14 kts- light wind chop-- no ones out--except a sailboat, an kayaker and a wind surfer-- and the boat scrubbers - new line cast one slight nudge.

La Niña Advisory Synopsis: A transition to ENSO-neutral big fish casino slow network expected to occur by Februarywith ENSO-neutral then continuing through the first half of La Niña continued during December, with negative sea surface temperature anomalies continuing across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Atmospheric convection remained suppressed over the central tropical Pacific and enhanced over Indonesia The low-level easterly winds were slightly enhanced over the western Pacific, and upper-level westerly anomalies were observed across the eastern Pacific.

Overall, the ocean and atmosphere system remained consistent with a weak La Niña. The multi-model averages favor an imminent transition to ENSO-neutralwith ENSO -neutral lasting through Big fish casino slow network ASO Along with the model forecasts, the decay of the subsurface temperature anomalies and marginally cool conditions at and near the ocean surface portends the return of ENSO-neutral over the next month.

Higher catch rates have also been linked to areas of high eddy kinetic energy in the Central and Western North Pacific. That's a lot of water weight shifting and the earth's elongations during this Full Moon phase-- Stand By!

During this inventory counting I took an extra count on where these continue reading came from -- Made in USA or from out of country, so many of big fish casino slow network fishy products come from "Out of Country", Japan etc.

Nice afternoon-- more mackerel moved in after that fin bait that's around-- now wind calm seastomorrow's another day- Saturdays Report Feels and looks like winter light sprinkles and some cloud cover- Couple of boaters out- and the constant whale watcher's gab- off Main Beach Laguna and southwards big fish casino slow network of life-- more and more Gray Whles in their migration southwards are showing up- Killer Whales seen out by the oil rigs-- headed towards Newport-- Squid moving in towards the HB flats I have enjoyed your reports over the years.

Worked south from Newport for this one, estimating in the ish class. David D Renud II The speculations on this years catches of Bluefin are still on most anglers minds, as well as the possibility of big fish casino slow network Albacore to come back to these waters- - Albacore, those so called hummingbirds of the sea with their long pectoral winged fins.

Will we see them again after the passing of the El Nino years-- good guess- with the cooling water trends and re growth of anchovies and bait schools one would like so. Past cycles have shown there were good catches of albacore in post El Nino years. In scientific studies, Albacore have about an average 10 year life span, judging from graphs-- there isn't an big fish casino slow network alive now who's ever been ich maryland new casino Relief the California waters!

The data suggest that recruitment ofalbacore is relatively low for generations spawned during ENSO episodes, possibly related to the lower ocean primary production, average spawning successor larval survival while ENSO episodes occurred~~~~~~~~~~~.

Here's a few photos of that reflect the abundance of the seas and remembrance to those who left us-. Early in the Year- Tracy shows off a nice local Calico- Private yachts spending the winter in the warm Mexico waters were rewared with a Lovar!

White Sea Bass were elusive for most anglersthese boys were glad to score one. By March the Tuna showed up Grossbeck and crew had a double header Tuna and swordfish! And the Tax Man was around and still the Tunas came.

And Capt Mel Loras left us too- Adios-- Bad Company had good company! Bluefin Tunas Fat and healthy With the results of the Great Marlin Race we were blown away in their days travels - remarkable! Thanks Andy and crew and all the rest of the Peskys for making it so-- The Bluefin casino online out to below Clemente island then out to the Tanner Bank.

Report from The Cape-Hey JD. Team SANTANA is in Cabo for the holidays. Released 5 stripers and Joe finally caught his first super cow Still the birds actitivy south out of Newport towards Dana-- With such a nice boating day and the change in afternoon currents should be some fish biting-- only they weren't.

Good Children's Book for Christmas -my daughter's the author "The melty summer sun hung hot overhead. Abigail Ann, known by all as Abby, could feel it beatwarmly on her back.

Written by female Oxford conservation biologist, Hunter Doughty, and illustrated by emerging artist Sarah Wood. It seeks to empower children with the confidence to think and act scientifically - one frog and bikepath at a time.

Ancient Rome 2 for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Get land to build cities with houses, schools, markets, farms and a network of roads to improve the quality of.

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What should I do? If chips do not add to your account after a win, here are some steps that can big fish casino slow network Check the full chip count  - Some displays in Big Fish Casino can only fit a certain number of characters.

To fit the chip total in the display, the total may be rounded. You can always view big fish casino slow network full, non-rounded chip total at the bottom of the in-game store. Check sports betting in usa connection  - The game may be having  trouble connecting. If your connection is interrupted while the chip total is updating, the new total may not display. Playing on a fast, stable connection is the best way to prevent this from happening.

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Ancient Rome 2 for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Get land to build cities with houses, schools, markets, farms and a network of roads to improve the quality of.
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